Im looking for a modified that will work with MASM.

Thanks in advance!
Posted on 2003-03-30 10:43:58 by pub^
What's ? If it's the file (i.e. the constants and structures) you can get Hutch's MASM32 package, it has a full set of libraries and includes for Windows :

Hutch's Home Page
Posted on 2003-03-30 11:04:35 by donkey, I've only got, whats the difference?

Here's an example of the file being used (

Or is he posting TASM snippets? I've read that the file comes from TASM.
Here comes a really weird question, why would someone convert the (tasm) to masm (anything special?) ?
Posted on 2003-03-30 11:16:37 by pub^
There is no, it was a typo, only The assembly language shown the link is not MASM and therefore has a different set of includes. You can use instead, it should be equivalent. If you check the second post in the thread it is a MASM version of the routine.
Posted on 2003-03-30 11:22:39 by donkey
Donkey thanks for making things clearer. Very fast :)


Posted on 2003-03-30 11:27:13 by pub^