I was wondering if somebody could give some examples of making line breaks and Wordwrapping in EditClass? I don't know how to impliment the EM_SETWORDBREAKPROC message and as well as the EditWordBreakProc();

Posted on 2003-04-02 12:06:08 by Drocon
I think for word wrap you need to remove its style ES_AUTOHSCROLL using SetWindowLong
Posted on 2003-04-02 13:17:09 by roticv
Okay, i fixed it, i removed the ES_AUTOHSCROLL and just added the ES_MULTILINE attribute

Posted on 2003-04-02 16:05:41 by Drocon
Hmm, another question. Is there a way to set the maximum number of characters allowed in a EditBox?

I was thinking of making a counter of some sort for the number of chars in the edit, would i have to do something with the keyboard messages?

Posted on 2003-04-03 16:32:43 by Drocon
Posted on 2003-04-03 18:50:38 by comrade