This is the set of files that you need to compiler your avrasm programs with RadASM.
It is configured to work with avrasm32 v1.57 that is placed in the C:\AVR\ directory.
I use RadASM so I don't know if it works with earlier versions.
Posted on 2003-04-02 14:39:52 by Milos
What is avrasm?
Posted on 2003-04-02 14:57:22 by Odyssey
AVR asm is Atmel's assembler for their RISCs. You use it to make programs for their CPUs.
It comes with some kind of IDE but it isn't very good, and AVR Studio 4 which is good wasnt working with my programming device so I decided to ditch these 30 megs, keep only the assembler and use RadASM instead.
Posted on 2003-04-02 15:12:58 by Milos
I don't have access to these RISCs so I guess avrasm is out of the question for me.
Posted on 2003-04-02 15:40:26 by Odyssey