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I've made another splash screen bitmap but I can't move the text from the center of the screen. The left coordinate is not working. :( By the way, I played and also made a replacement for the "new project" bitmap. I like this one better ;). I dunno if anybody else will like it...
Posted on 2003-04-05 13:16:51 by Milos
This pictures turned me on :grin:
Posted on 2003-04-05 15:01:50 by LaptoniC
Ahhh... I know... I know... she is SO perfect - so worth experiencing :grin:
Too bad she is just a 3D model. Yup! - CG.

Here is the whole image:[1].jpg
Posted on 2003-04-05 16:29:11 by Milos
First of all really good work Milos. I am falling love ;)

Ketilo why do you change Radasm splash window to a dll like a plugin?

For example; isnt a transparent splash looks very sexy with RadASM ? :grin:

By this way every one code a splash plugin for himself or public. i mean sexiest ones .)

I know this may not be important thing. Like i said just an idea crumb.

Thanks & Regards

To LaptoniC: B??? :P
Posted on 2003-04-07 12:11:43 by RvaZero