About RE: I think opening an electronic device is never against the law. But it always cancels any guarantee. Ah, well it's against the law if the device is not yours :grin: . But almost all relatively complex devices that I have seen have their schematics together with the unit. Maybe there is difference between software and hardware legality in RE, because making an instance of a product is absolutely different (copy/paste against whole build). And hardware is almost impossible to customize without opening it. And customization availability can sometimes bring several percent raise in customers count, can't it? TB303, for instance, has its schematics inside, and instructions on how to make modifications to it. I've seen dozens of mods for it, and no-one has ever been sued for it :). Ah, I hope I explained my thought well enough.
About the lazer pointer: . About that pointer's spreading light: I've read somewhere that even semiconductor lazers have only one-direction light emission, and I've seen pictures of several such lasers. But they all had a tap on them, with one tiny pipe emerging from its center. Maybe it's not bare laser, but with lens and mirrors inside. I'll try to find that book. But maybe that light source in 'laser pointers' isn't laser. I'm not even 4% sure about this, but I think there's a chance this to be a powerful LED that gets impulse power . I have one cool LED here, a powerful 50mA one, whose light at 3 metres is enough to read a newspaper. Its angle of emission is completely the same as of a regular LED.
Posted on 2003-07-03 08:23:34 by Ultrano

The lazer diode must emminate a narrow band of frequencies that are somewhat coherant and the lens is tuned (curved) to this range so it can focus the beam.

An LED would have far less coherant light.

Had plans for a maser once (MASER>>>MICROWAVE AMPLIFICATION BY STIMULATED EMMISSION OF RADIATION) that could burn through 5 razor blades in 500 microseconds.

Never built it though.

can you tell me where to find the plans for a maser I have a magntron to pump it with
Posted on 2003-07-09 20:28:45 by rob.rice
About RE: I think opening an electronic device is never against the law.

Well actually alot of times it is. At least in the US. Its that damn DMCA again.
Example: People making generic Lexmark ink cartridges were forced to stop selling them, because the RE'd Lexmarks cartridges to design theirs.
For more information about some of the many and varied things this vague and stupid law is being abused to make illegal look here.


Just because you own something doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want with it anymore.
Posted on 2003-07-18 16:05:47 by emonk
Yeah back around 1950 a guy had found a ruby rod grown by nature. He cut and polished the ends and "I'll be" it started emitting a strange light. They studied the properties of it and found it to be aluminum oxide with chromium ions. They grew crystals with different doping to come up with optimal lasers. They found that the chromium ions could exist at 3 different energy levels. If a photon hit a chomium atom that was at the 3rd or highest energy level it would fall back to first level and give off the energy it stored up from previous build up of impacting photons. Oh well I put in my two cents.:grin:
Posted on 2003-07-18 22:20:15 by mrgone
MrGone, to me it's like $200 - I didn't know that fact about lasers. But I didn't understand why 'it started emitting a strange light'. Doesn't the process of charging the laser involve a lot of energy? Maybe they decided to fry the crystal :grin:
Here comes Kaolla Su from 'Love Hina' (anime) and says "mmm laser - delicious?" lol (don't worry if you don't get it, you need to see the anime to know the joke ;) )
Posted on 2003-07-19 00:11:12 by Ultrano
They lightly mirror the ends and the light bounces back and forth from one end to the other building up energy level. As far as I know the thing started emitting light on it's own just from light gatehered around it. Of course the key feacher was that it was coherent light ( a single frequency) which introduced a resonant cavity for light. That being the case it was understood that light could now be modulated to send and recieve intelegent information. I beleive as is the case with both lazers and masers is they have to run at sub-normal temperature to acheive true coherency. But hell, I'm like NAN, I just play around with the LED's.:grin:
Posted on 2003-07-19 12:30:16 by mrgone