Well Im pretty impressed with myself, for figuring out how to fix a very annoying problem with my car.

A while ago, my girlfriend accidently broke her key off in the trunk while closing it. It broke off deep into the lock, past the first set of "tumblers". The key was impossible to get at, and the lock was burried under 4 layers of car molding, so i couldnt simply remove the lock.

Then the idea hit me how to get it out... and i have to say it worked extremely well, with absolutely no struggle. To this end, i thought i would post it for you guys, incase you find yourself here:

    [*]Get two Safety Pins
    [*]Bend them so they are straight pins (remove the loop)
    [*]Bend a very slight bur like tip, 90 degrees from the handle of the pin.
    [*] Insert each pin down the inside grooves of the broken key shard till you hit the length of the lock (A)
    [*]Rotate the pins 90 degrees, the handles should be roughly parallel to each other (B)
    [*]Pull the shard out with a steady grip on the pins!

    Below is a picture of what im talking about:
Posted on 2003-04-10 17:21:04 by NaN
Not only am I humbled by this solution, I fear you.
Posted on 2003-04-10 19:29:16 by drhowarddrfine
You are just too brainy for your own good :grin:

Apart from that, great solution. One day i may have to use it, and people are gonna look at me with wonder in their eyes and think what a genius i am. Of course i won't tell them i learnt the trick from a guy called NaN, it will be my idea. :grin:
Posted on 2003-04-11 01:31:24 by sluggy
NaN, alien :)
Posted on 2003-04-12 11:48:01 by Bit7