Hi !
Just wondering... is a sp3 version (with the latests m32lib procs) of the masm32 package scheduled ?

(I don't intend to put any pressure, i know most of us are way busy with their real life occupations... just wondering). :)
Posted on 2001-09-26 03:14:16 by JCP

Version 12 of MASM32 is on the way but it will be a while yet. I write what I can as time allows but I also have to document it and test it all and this takes time. I have recently been working on different algorithms to add to MASM32 and have a number of new ones done but putting the whole update together is a lot of work.


Posted on 2001-09-26 05:15:36 by hutch--
Yes, i know it's a big work ;).
Anyway, take all the time you need ;).
In fact, I was afraid the sp2 is the last (not latest) version ;).
I'm happy to know a new version is on the way ;).

Thanks for all the things you did and keep doing for the assembly community ;).
Posted on 2001-09-27 04:48:11 by JCP
Hutch, you have the source to MASM? If so, why not make an option in MASM to get rid of the call/jmp thing.
Posted on 2001-09-27 12:18:04 by Kenny
Hutch, if you need any help with testing or anything don't hesitate to ask !!
Posted on 2001-09-28 07:17:31 by gscundiff
Kenny he has all ready provided tools to do it with. The updated inc file tool. Why change ml.exe if all we have to do is use different include file and get the same result?
Posted on 2001-09-28 13:59:46 by Betrayed
I don't use masm so correct me if I'm wrong, but I think every time there is an extern, I think it goes in the IAT table, makeing the prgram huge if you have a lot of includes.

I think there is also not protos for it, so invoke doesn't check paramaters.
Posted on 2001-09-28 14:04:08 by Kenny

In MASM the number of includes is not a problem apart from it slows ML.EXE up a bit. MASM will handle prototypes that don't get called and thats how the include file system works, unless you have the time and inclination to seperately prototype every library function you call to save a few milliseconds, ther is no advantage whatsoever.

The native format for MASM produced PE files, uses the lookup table at the end of the file for import functions and I personallty prefer the original format but as there was interest in doing it the same way as compilers perform their calls, I produced another library convertor that uses a TYPEDEF format.

Just be aware that it is not as flexible to use as the standard prototyping and in the stuff I have tested, there is just no difference in performance.

The lookup table is more space efficient, particularly as the app get a lot bigger and I have in mind here an API call like SendMessage() that is usually used many times in a large app.

Also thanks for the offers of help, if there is anything where I need assistance, I will certainly ask those who have offered.


Posted on 2001-09-28 18:45:11 by hutch--