If you open WordPad, it has a drop down control in a toolbar, how does it do that?
Posted on 2001-09-26 13:01:21 by ChimpFace9000
I am searching for a way to do this also...did you find out how? Or an example?

Posted on 2002-11-29 09:22:51 by gorshing
i think this might be what u?re lookin for , a combo box sittin on a toolbar ... u need to subclass it ..

check the msdn here

look here
Posted on 2002-11-29 13:38:42 by Allanon
subclassing is not alway neccessary here, the comboboxes are simply child windows of the toolbar window.
You can create them quite normally with CreateWindow and WS_CHILD and hwndToolbar as parent window.
Its more likely that you will need to "subclass" or make an own window proc for the toolbar. Otherwise you
can't set / get the combobox selection states.
Posted on 2002-12-02 04:44:24 by beaster