This page a bunch of funny flash cartoons... they remind me of the Itchy & Scratchy show from the Simpsons.

Posted on 2003-04-11 19:29:27 by NaN
Fun for the whole family... :)
Posted on 2003-04-11 20:17:00 by bitRAKE
Posted on 2003-04-11 21:46:07 by iblis
That was weird. :eek:

:confused: ...let me watch that again - I'm not sure what I was seeing...
Posted on 2003-04-11 21:58:42 by bitRAKE
I don't think it's supposed to make sense.
Posted on 2003-04-11 22:09:26 by iblis

I think I just suffered brain damage.
Posted on 2003-04-11 22:20:49 by Berninhell

I think I just suffered brain damage.
As I watched, my little childhood memories twisted and turned through a meat grinder - all that was good and wholesome of an imaginary land of little blue creatures, doing only good for the world dwindled... Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I'm not really an ass person - I like the feel of a handful of ass, but never really entertained the idea to lick ass and don't really see it as funny. But that's just me - feel free to enjoy among consenting smurfs. :)
Posted on 2003-04-11 22:57:32 by bitRAKE

I especially liked Mr. Towelly!

wont you take me down, to funky town?

Posted on 2003-04-12 23:22:08 by NaN
Posted on 2003-04-14 00:33:12 by argus

seems very nice, i would like to try but i can't understand the usage...
Posted on 2003-04-14 06:45:57 by Bit7

checked the link earlier and it wasn't working .... just the graphic - no sounds
it is now ...they must have had server problems

here's a sound toy you can download!/



Posted on 2003-04-14 18:14:09 by argus
Here is the home web site:
Posted on 2003-04-14 21:06:31 by bitRAKE