I downloaded fasm from the webpage and when I build my library test app the exe seems to come out wrong. Ollydbg wont let me debug it and Wdasm doesn't disassemble the data section. Using StudPE to analize the exe give a "Set the EP flag to E0000020 if you want the prog to beak into debugger".

Attached is the whole working CVS dump of my library. The test.asm is the file I am talking about.
Posted on 2003-04-12 01:07:53 by jInuQ
You forgot to define the entry point and therefore it points to your data, before you have put the data at beginning of executable.
Posted on 2003-04-12 02:56:12 by Tomasz Grysztar
Is it in the doc on how to define the entry point?

Little slow to night. Thanks for point out where I was missing.
Posted on 2003-04-12 03:05:51 by jInuQ