Here is the new release of Visual ASM,

What's new:

1.Set a Help File (F1 for word under caret) in General Options.

2.Problem not reading color settings from ini solved.

3.Custom Project Tree Colors.

4.You can now set the Tab Size and whether to Expand tabs to spaces.

5.Set Auto Indent ON/OFF.

6.Update to new Code control Version (Keywords starting with ^ are case sensitive, any text that follows Keywords ending with - is considered as string and coloured accordingly).

7.Minor bug solved:Correct Project type was not properly selected in project properties.

8.Output Window Colors same with Editor Colors.

9.Minor bug solved: Font Size was not saved.

Please download, test and send any suggestions or bugs.


Posted on 2003-04-12 07:20:06 by akyprian

I will give it a try, :cool:
Posted on 2003-04-12 07:37:07 by Bi_Dark
ANY feedback is welcome,


Posted on 2003-04-12 07:51:31 by akyprian
Well, as far as IDE's go, I like what I see so far.
I must admit some disappointment when I ran the application.
I was hoping for something that showed program execution more visually,
as well as providing a decent ide.
I had some ideas about using RichEdit to display the source using different sizes and colors to signify things like iterative or deterministic code, maybe some nice big arrows showing redirection like IDA.
Aside from that grumble, it looks excellent so far, very neat.
I didn't try to compile anything with it.
Posted on 2003-04-12 09:26:10 by Homer
Works great so far. The new set help file feature works good (select keyword in editor and press F1). I had the color problem with V-ASM under Win2k, but this release fixed it.

Just some suggestions for possible future releases:

    [*]I'd still like to see a way of automatically assembling/linking updated files in the project without editing the Make options or adding a created batch file.

    [*]And maybe being able to set a path to the asm executables (i.e. \Masm32\bin) so I don't need two assembly development setups (or have to edit the Make options each new project).

    [*]A fuller command line output would be nice. Under EditPlus, the output is the same as Visual ASM except the extra line ...
    Output completed (0 sec consumed) - Normal Termination

    Overall though, I'm impressed with the simplicity, stableness and size. Thanks!
Posted on 2003-04-12 18:44:58 by Masmer
iam wondering why all the versions of visual asm doesnt comment this part,
Posted on 2003-04-12 18:57:11 by Jnrz
Hi all,

1.EvilHomer2k can you, please, explain the following?
I was hoping for something that showed program execution more visually,as well as providing a decent ide.
Thanks for everything.

2.Masmer: Thanks, I'll think about your suggestions.

3.Jnrz: Look in the keywords file, you will see that "include" is actually "include-". This means that in your source files, all text that follows Include will be colourized as string. This is a good suggestion to KetiIO for his Code Control. If you want you can edit the keywords file(remove - from the Include keyword) but then the text that follows Include will not be considered as string.Thanks


Posted on 2003-04-13 01:18:05 by akyprian
a great work !
But I have trouble with project properties option , when I set make option in order they can point to \masm32\ instead of \visualasm\ , the assembler run and report it can not found the source file ( I saved prjs and files).
I think it's ok if I move assembler right into make place ??
A suggestion : The next version you can make a Preferences menu in which user can set assembler , rc , linker path ....
A good work !
Posted on 2003-04-16 01:40:38 by dreamweaver

It cannot find the source file because you did not specify one. e.g.

\masm32\bin\ml /c /coff test.asm


Posted on 2003-04-16 03:31:00 by akyprian
opps ! So I must refine Make option when I want to compile a file ???
So when I have a complete project include with 10 separate files ?
Posted on 2003-04-16 05:00:29 by dreamweaver

The answer is NO, If you have 10 or 100 files you just define the first one. The others are Included in this file. e.g.

Include Misc.asm
Include D:\blah\test.asm


Posted on 2003-04-16 05:12:34 by akyprian