It is all 32bit ASM
it is all with windows

But funny i can not say it is Win32ASM :) ?


Some New Things
Some screenshots on the web page with a digital camera in front of monitor...

HDD Test App by Hawk (check its cool text clipping at resize event)
Minimal clipping added to strings and messages

Changed memory layout, allow approx 4096 windows, you need 5M
( Kernel 0 - 1M, Windows buffers 1M - 2M ; Sys LFB Backbuffer 2M - 3M ;Empty / safe guard 3M - 4M; Kernel and User App Memory alocations start at 4M+)

System Buttons Menu - to launch applicatin / create windows
Keyboard driver improved, CAPS,SHIFT,ALT
Edit Captions application
Small Sample App example - use as base for easy start in programming
Keyboard Queue Viewer App
Memory Blocks Viewer App
Improved Memory alocator
System Counters App
Changed old style keyboard interface to ALT + Key

Fell free to comment and or test it :)
Posted on 2003-04-13 18:00:34 by BogdanOntanu
Hello Bogdan,
the link at the source of your OS is not working
File Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.:grin:
Posted on 2003-04-13 19:15:07 by Miguel
very nice work! But I wonder why you dont put real screenshots on your homepage (as you can see, it works in the newest version of VMware... they remade their graphic drivers :) ) :grin:
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:01:30 by bazik
Just for you gallery :)
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:04:24 by bazik


Thank you for the tip man :)

I do not own WMWare yet ...but this screen might make me get a licence for it soon

Do you have any other screenshots?
If you are not too busy i mean

Thanks a lot

Posted on 2003-04-13 20:05:54 by BogdanOntanu
But hey man are you running an old version?

FPS should be decimal in latest versions and there are some more buttons on the left
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:07:21 by BogdanOntanu

But hey man are you running an old version?

I downloaded the "latest stable binary" from your homepage :/

And now, no other screenshots as the mouse is not working and I cant do much in SOL OS.... not controllable via keyboard it seems ;)

EDIT: Ah, RTFM clears it up... after ALT+3 the mouse works :)
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:08:42 by bazik
OH...they are not the LATEST :)
the ones in the source code release are ...please excuse
I will redo the site ASAP
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:09:41 by BogdanOntanu

OH...they are not the LATEST :)
the ones in the source code release are ...please excuse
I will redo the site ASAP

Ok, please post or better attach here when you have the new binarys ready :)
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:13:25 by bazik
don't know if SOL OS works /w bochs, but i don't see why not. it shouldn't be too hard to get a screen shot from there :) . haven't tried out SOL OS, yet - i'll look at it when there's a bit more, but it seems to be coming along nicely :alright: more than what i ever got out of my own OSes, anyway :tongue:
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:18:32 by jademtech

Updated the site and uploaded the latest binary here also
full source code available at original site :)

Fast info for newbie:
use rawrite.exe (or scrie01.bat) to place os8.bin on an empty floppy ...
Better read instructions on site
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:21:29 by BogdanOntanu
It still shows version 0.0.5?

Anyway, here is another screenshot...
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:28:15 by bazik
Thank you very much :)

I will place those REAL screenshots on web site...

There are some keyboard shortcuts also:
Alt+K =kill window
Alt + Esc =Reset
Alt + Z = Clear screen and Restart
Alt +H = Hide Window (but you can not unhide it)

and many others

Anyway i will need an "Register_System_Wide_hot_Key" API soon
Posted on 2003-04-13 20:39:38 by BogdanOntanu