I need help implementing blowfish encryption into my program for file encryption.
I dont want to write my own implementation in asm, rather I will just use
C implementation, compile that into .lib file and link it to my asm program.

Now I am not sure how to start with implementing blowfish to encrypt files.
I dont understand very much how this algo works, I soupose I need to create
one loop and pass to blowfish_encrypt() first 8 bytes of buffer, then second
8 bytes and etc.. until buffer's end.
Please can somebody tell me if this is the right way?
If so, what happens if my buffer size is not multiplie of 8?
Say buffer size is of 2 bytes.

If this is not right approach I would really appreciate if someone can
tell me what should I do in steps, since I never did this kind of things.
(I tried searching google, and found some sources of implementation but I am still confused)
Posted on 2003-04-14 06:15:08 by Mikky
Posted on 2003-04-14 06:28:26 by roticv
set up key
process all ciper-size blocks in file (ie, filesize div 8)
if any remaining data, pad to cipher-size (zero or random fill) and encrypt

also, instead of just encrypting blocks, you might want to use chaining or feedback, so that two equal input blocks don't give two equal output blocks. Do yourself a favour, read up on cryptography before trying to use it :)
Posted on 2003-04-14 06:31:50 by f0dder
f0dder: Yes Ive readed about cryptograpy and cryptoanalyse, since I am not
very advanced in math a lot of parts I did not understood, but I puted consiredable
amount of effort trying to solve my problem before posting question here.

anyway if i pad buffer with zero's to make it 8 byte alignment, how can I know
when later decrypting, that last few bytes are not part of file?
also I tryed one blowfish example program, and encrypted file with size of 1 byte
and result was cipher file of 9 bytes in size, should't output file be 8 bytes?
(decryption of it worked fine, since I've got original 1 byte plain file back)
Posted on 2003-04-14 08:05:21 by Mikky
I would store the file size in the crypted file in a header, decrypt this file : and after truncate the decrypted file to the size stored in the header of the compressed file...
It is the easiest solution, imho...
Posted on 2003-04-14 08:13:50 by JCP
Mikky, don't worry too much about the math part; you won't have to know that much about the math aspects to use it (hey, I don't really get all the math stuff either ;-)). But it would be good if you read up on ECB, CBC, LFB (etc) modes of using a block cipher. I did not mean to put you down or appear arrogant, sorry if I came off that way.

When encrypting, you should store some header in the file; at least an identification string and original filesize. That way, you can make sure you're not trying to decrypt arbitrary files, and you can get the padding right. A checksum (or better, cryptographic hash (preferably SHA-1 or better)) of the file data would also be nice. You could also add an algorithm identification string/number/GUID, so your format becomes a generic container for multiple encryption formats - there's a lot of room for improvement.

Also, consider using twofish instead of blowfish, I recall reading that it's designed to overcome some (rather theoretic, but still present) failures in blowfish. I am, however, not a crypto expert, so others might prove me wrong, and you should definitely do your own research. Personally, I prefer Rijndael (aka AES), or RC6 if I don't want to use tables and have fast MUL available.
Posted on 2003-04-14 08:49:54 by f0dder
Your replays really helped me to implement blowfish, I ve used that approach
with creating header for encrypted file which is pretty cool feature since
I can store a lot of other informations, like date and time of encryption etc..
One question though, I am really newbie into all this but would it be OK
if I put key for encrypted file into header, ofcourse it would be encrypted
with some different method and it would help me since I will be no longer required to
remember key's for every specific file. On the other hand yes its less secured
that way but who will ever know what are some binary values in header.

I realised that blowfish is rather simple to implement, only three functions
and thats all, on the other hand I just saw two-fish source, its really nasty
(esspecially asm code :)) I dont think I could handle it.

Now when I did this I realised that Ive just implemented blowfish in
ECB mode. I've used "Paul Kocher" source code available at blowfish offical site.
Say I want CBC mode which is more secured, should I implement that part on my own
or there is some other source code of blowfish implementation that contain it?
I suppose that it wouldnt be to hard to implement CBC by my self, since I only need
to XOR previos returned cipher 64-bit value with next plain 64-bit value.
Can someone tell me if I am thinking the right direction (or I dont know what I am into) :)
CFB is practically same strength as CBC mode right?
Also what is most secured mode for block cipher algos?

f0dder: When I readed your last post I also became interested in Rijndael
and RC6 algorithm, but the second one is patented, and I need licence free algos only.
I will check that AES algo you were talking about.
Also does anyone know if TEA is free of licence?
Posted on 2003-04-14 19:48:17 by Mikky

Your replays really helped me to implement blowfish, I ve used that approach
with creating header for encrypted file which is pretty cool feature since
I can store a lot of other informations, like date and time of encryption etc..
One question though, I am really newbie into all this but would it be OK
if I put key for encrypted file into header, ofcourse it would be encrypted
with some different method and it would help me since I will be no longer required to
remember key's for every specific file. On the other hand yes its less secured
that way but who will ever know what are some binary values in header.

Yes, you can, but as you said the security will dramatically decrease as these algorithms are based on keys...
Sure nobody will see the key in the binary values in the header (especially if it is encrypted with another algorithm) but if somebody has the decrypter program, it could be relatively easy to reverse-engineer (disassemble, debug) it and discover where the key come from...

Personally, I used to use a command-line crypter and after send my files to an FTP with the ftp command...
Basically, the key was not in the program nor in the encrypted file : only in a batch that specified the key and I was the only one to own...
Posted on 2003-04-15 01:09:03 by JCP
Storing the key in your header == bad, even if it's encrypted by another method. Or well, that depends on what you mean. I guess you want to encrypt a lot of files with different keys, but have the same "master password" to unlock them all? As long as you choose a strong cipher to encrypt the key, it might not be that bad. After all, this is how most public-key file exchange works; the bulk of the file is encrypted with a block cipher, where the key is randomly chosen. The cipher key is encrytped with the assymmetric public-key algorithm.

Twofish shouldn't be harder to use than blowfish?

Yes, implement your own CBC - it's easy. And, for a given cipher block size, generic. If you design stuff well, you can easily change encryption method without affecting the rest of your program, and ECB/CBC/whatever glue routines don't have to know about the particular algorithm, as long as block size stays the same (and imho, there isn't really any need for algorithms with blocksize != 8 :-)).

AES == Rijndael. They're the same; Rijndael is the "working name" of the algorithm, AES is the final name. This is because of the AES contest, to find a replacement for DES. DES = Data Encryption Standard. AES == Advanced Encryption Standard. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Yes, RC6 is patented, and it's not clear for RSA labs whether you need a license or not - it says to contact them. Shame, the algorithm is cute.

TEA should be free, but I wouldn't use it for anything where security is important. Rather funny how that algorithm was broken in safedisc protected games, because they chose a weak version, and had some implementation faults. 128 bit keys? Who cares, it's still bruteforced in a couple of seconds on a reasonably fast box.
Posted on 2003-04-15 01:59:18 by f0dder
Here's Lucifer48 implementation, and my example on how to use it.

.model flat, stdcall
option casemap:none  ; Case sensitive
include  \Masm32\include\windows.inc
include  \Masm32\include\kernel32.inc
include  \Masm32\include\user32.inc
include  \Masm32\include\masm32.inc
includelib  \Masm32\lib\kernel32.lib
includelib  \Masm32\lib\user32.lib
includelib  \Masm32\lib\masm32.lib

Blowfish_Encrypt proto :DWORD

Comment % Blowfish - My very little simple implemantation ;)

(August, 13th 2000) - v1.0 - Written by Lucifer48

3 functions:

* Blowfish_Init

  (exemple: invoke Blowfish_Init, offset my_key, key_length) - key_length is a dword

* Blowfish_Encrypt

  (exemple: invoke Blowfish_Encrypt, offset block) - block is a 64 bit block

* Blowfish_Decrypt

  (exemple: invoke Blowfish_Decrypt, offset block) - block is a 64 bit block



;*  DATA                                                          *


mydata db "abcdefgh",0

p_orig dd 0243F6A88h, 085A308D3h, 013198A2Eh, 003707344h, 0A4093822h, 0299F31D0h, 0082EFA98h, 0EC4E6C89h

dd 0452821E6h, 038D01377h, 0BE5466CFh, 034E90C6Ch, 0C0AC29B7h, 0C97C50DDh, 03F84D5B5h, 0B5470917h

dd 09216D5D9h, 08979FB1Bh ;4*18 dd = 72 octets

s_orig dd 0D1310BA6h, 098DFB5ACh, 02FFD72DBh, 0D01ADFB7h, 0B8E1AFEDh, 06A267E96h, 0BA7C9045h, 0F12C7F99h

dd 024A19947h, 0B3916CF7h, 00801F2E2h, 0858EFC16h, 0636920D8h, 071574E69h, 0A458FEA3h, 0F4933D7Eh

dd 00D95748Fh, 0728EB658h, 0718BCD58h, 082154AEEh, 07B54A41Dh, 0C25A59B5h, 09C30D539h, 02AF26013h

dd 0C5D1B023h, 0286085F0h, 0CA417918h, 0B8DB38EFh, 08E79DCB0h, 0603A180Eh, 06C9E0E8Bh, 0B01E8A3Eh

dd 0D71577C1h, 0BD314B27h, 078AF2FDAh, 055605C60h, 0E65525F3h, 0AA55AB94h, 057489862h, 063E81440h

dd 055CA396Ah, 02AAB10B6h, 0B4CC5C34h, 01141E8CEh, 0A15486AFh, 07C72E993h, 0B3EE1411h, 0636FBC2Ah

dd 02BA9C55Dh, 0741831F6h, 0CE5C3E16h, 09B87931Eh, 0AFD6BA33h, 06C24CF5Ch, 07A325381h, 028958677h

dd 03B8F4898h, 06B4BB9AFh, 0C4BFE81Bh, 066282193h, 061D809CCh, 0FB21A991h, 0487CAC60h, 05DEC8032h

dd 0EF845D5Dh, 0E98575B1h, 0DC262302h, 0EB651B88h, 023893E81h, 0D396ACC5h, 00F6D6FF3h, 083F44239h

dd 02E0B4482h, 0A4842004h, 069C8F04Ah, 09E1F9B5Eh, 021C66842h, 0F6E96C9Ah, 0670C9C61h, 0ABD388F0h

dd 06A51A0D2h, 0D8542F68h, 0960FA728h, 0AB5133A3h, 06EEF0B6Ch, 0137A3BE4h, 0BA3BF050h, 07EFB2A98h

dd 0A1F1651Dh, 039AF0176h, 066CA593Eh, 082430E88h, 08CEE8619h, 0456F9FB4h, 07D84A5C3h, 03B8B5EBEh

dd 0E06F75D8h, 085C12073h, 0401A449Fh, 056C16AA6h, 04ED3AA62h, 0363F7706h, 01BFEDF72h, 0429B023Dh

dd 037D0D724h, 0D00A1248h, 0DB0FEAD3h, 049F1C09Bh, 0075372C9h, 080991B7Bh, 025D479D8h, 0F6E8DEF7h

dd 0E3FE501Ah, 0B6794C3Bh, 0976CE0BDh, 004C006BAh, 0C1A94FB6h, 0409F60C4h, 05E5C9EC2h, 0196A2463h

dd 068FB6FAFh, 03E6C53B5h, 01339B2EBh, 03B52EC6Fh, 06DFC511Fh, 09B30952Ch, 0CC814544h, 0AF5EBD09h

dd 0BEE3D004h, 0DE334AFDh, 0660F2807h, 0192E4BB3h, 0C0CBA857h, 045C8740Fh, 0D20B5F39h, 0B9D3FBDBh

dd 05579C0BDh, 01A60320Ah, 0D6A100C6h, 0402C7279h, 0679F25FEh, 0FB1FA3CCh, 08EA5E9F8h, 0DB3222F8h

dd 03C7516DFh, 0FD616B15h, 02F501EC8h, 0AD0552ABh, 0323DB5FAh, 0FD238760h, 053317B48h, 03E00DF82h

dd 09E5C57BBh, 0CA6F8CA0h, 01A87562Eh, 0DF1769DBh, 0D542A8F6h, 0287EFFC3h, 0AC6732C6h, 08C4F5573h

dd 0695B27B0h, 0BBCA58C8h, 0E1FFA35Dh, 0B8F011A0h, 010FA3D98h, 0FD2183B8h, 04AFCB56Ch, 02DD1D35Bh

dd 09A53E479h, 0B6F84565h, 0D28E49BCh, 04BFB9790h, 0E1DDF2DAh, 0A4CB7E33h, 062FB1341h, 0CEE4C6E8h

dd 0EF20CADAh, 036774C01h, 0D07E9EFEh, 02BF11FB4h, 095DBDA4Dh, 0AE909198h, 0EAAD8E71h, 06B93D5A0h

dd 0D08ED1D0h, 0AFC725E0h, 08E3C5B2Fh, 08E7594B7h, 08FF6E2FBh, 0F2122B64h, 08888B812h, 0900DF01Ch

dd 04FAD5EA0h, 0688FC31Ch, 0D1CFF191h, 0B3A8C1ADh, 02F2F2218h, 0BE0E1777h, 0EA752DFEh, 08B021FA1h

dd 0E5A0CC0Fh, 0B56F74E8h, 018ACF3D6h, 0CE89E299h, 0B4A84FE0h, 0FD13E0B7h, 07CC43B81h, 0D2ADA8D9h

dd 0165FA266h, 080957705h, 093CC7314h, 0211A1477h, 0E6AD2065h, 077B5FA86h, 0C75442F5h, 0FB9D35CFh

dd 0EBCDAF0Ch, 07B3E89A0h, 0D6411BD3h, 0AE1E7E49h, 000250E2Dh, 02071B35Eh, 0226800BBh, 057B8E0AFh

dd 02464369Bh, 0F009B91Eh, 05563911Dh, 059DFA6AAh, 078C14389h, 0D95A537Fh, 0207D5BA2h, 002E5B9C5h

dd 083260376h, 06295CFA9h, 011C81968h, 04E734A41h, 0B3472DCAh, 07B14A94Ah, 01B510052h, 09A532915h

dd 0D60F573Fh, 0BC9BC6E4h, 02B60A476h, 081E67400h, 008BA6FB5h, 0571BE91Fh, 0F296EC6Bh, 02A0DD915h

dd 0B6636521h, 0E7B9F9B6h, 0FF34052Eh, 0C5855664h, 053B02D5Dh, 0A99F8FA1h, 008BA4799h, 06E85076Ah


dd 04B7A70E9h, 0B5B32944h, 0DB75092Eh, 0C4192623h, 0AD6EA6B0h, 049A7DF7Dh, 09CEE60B8h, 08FEDB266h

dd 0ECAA8C71h, 0699A17FFh, 05664526Ch, 0C2B19EE1h, 0193602A5h, 075094C29h, 0A0591340h, 0E4183A3Eh

dd 03F54989Ah, 05B429D65h, 06B8FE4D6h, 099F73FD6h, 0A1D29C07h, 0EFE830F5h, 04D2D38E6h, 0F0255DC1h

dd 04CDD2086h, 08470EB26h, 06382E9C6h, 0021ECC5Eh, 009686B3Fh, 03EBAEFC9h, 03C971814h, 06B6A70A1h

dd 0687F3584h, 052A0E286h, 0B79C5305h, 0AA500737h, 03E07841Ch, 07FDEAE5Ch, 08E7D44ECh, 05716F2B8h

dd 0B03ADA37h, 0F0500C0Dh, 0F01C1F04h, 00200B3FFh, 0AE0CF51Ah, 03CB574B2h, 025837A58h, 0DC0921BDh

dd 0D19113F9h, 07CA92FF6h, 094324773h, 022F54701h, 03AE5E581h, 037C2DADCh, 0C8B57634h, 09AF3DDA7h

dd 0A9446146h, 00FD0030Eh, 0ECC8C73Eh, 0A4751E41h, 0E238CD99h, 03BEA0E2Fh, 03280BBA1h, 0183EB331h

dd 04E548B38h, 04F6DB908h, 06F420D03h, 0F60A04BFh, 02CB81290h, 024977C79h, 05679B072h, 0BCAF89AFh

dd 0DE9A771Fh, 0D9930810h, 0B38BAE12h, 0DCCF3F2Eh, 05512721Fh, 02E6B7124h, 0501ADDE6h, 09F84CD87h

dd 07A584718h, 07408DA17h, 0BC9F9ABCh, 0E94B7D8Ch, 0EC7AEC3Ah, 0DB851DFAh, 063094366h, 0C464C3D2h

dd 0EF1C1847h, 03215D908h, 0DD433B37h, 024C2BA16h, 012A14D43h, 02A65C451h, 050940002h, 0133AE4DDh

dd 071DFF89Eh, 010314E55h, 081AC77D6h, 05F11199Bh, 0043556F1h, 0D7A3C76Bh, 03C11183Bh, 05924A509h

dd 0F28FE6EDh, 097F1FBFAh, 09EBABF2Ch, 01E153C6Eh, 086E34570h, 0EAE96FB1h, 0860E5E0Ah, 05A3E2AB3h

dd 0771FE71Ch, 04E3D06FAh, 02965DCB9h, 099E71D0Fh, 0803E89D6h, 05266C825h, 02E4CC978h, 09C10B36Ah

dd 0C6150EBAh, 094E2EA78h, 0A5FC3C53h, 01E0A2DF4h, 0F2F74EA7h, 0361D2B3Dh, 01939260Fh, 019C27960h

dd 05223A708h, 0F71312B6h, 0EBADFE6Eh, 0EAC31F66h, 0E3BC4595h, 0A67BC883h, 0B17F37D1h, 0018CFF28h

dd 0C332DDEFh, 0BE6C5AA5h, 065582185h, 068AB9802h, 0EECEA50Fh, 0DB2F953Bh, 02AEF7DADh, 05B6E2F84h

dd 01521B628h, 029076170h, 0ECDD4775h, 0619F1510h, 013CCA830h, 0EB61BD96h, 00334FE1Eh, 0AA0363CFh

dd 0B5735C90h, 04C70A239h, 0D59E9E0Bh, 0CBAADE14h, 0EECC86BCh, 060622CA7h, 09CAB5CABh, 0B2F3846Eh

dd 0648B1EAFh, 019BDF0CAh, 0A02369B9h, 0655ABB50h, 040685A32h, 03C2AB4B3h, 0319EE9D5h, 0C021B8F7h

dd 09B540B19h, 0875FA099h, 095F7997Eh, 0623D7DA8h, 0F837889Ah, 097E32D77h, 011ED935Fh, 016681281h

dd 00E358829h, 0C7E61FD6h, 096DEDFA1h, 07858BA99h, 057F584A5h, 01B227263h, 09B83C3FFh, 01AC24696h

dd 0CDB30AEBh, 0532E3054h, 08FD948E4h, 06DBC3128h, 058EBF2EFh, 034C6FFEAh, 0FE28ED61h, 0EE7C3C73h

dd 05D4A14D9h, 0E864B7E3h, 042105D14h, 0203E13E0h, 045EEE2B6h, 0A3AAABEAh, 0DB6C4F15h, 0FACB4FD0h

dd 0C742F442h, 0EF6ABBB5h, 0654F3B1Dh, 041CD2105h, 0D81E799Eh, 086854DC7h, 0E44B476Ah, 03D816250h

dd 0CF62A1F2h, 05B8D2646h, 0FC8883A0h, 0C1C7B6A3h, 07F1524C3h, 069CB7492h, 047848A0Bh, 05692B285h

dd 0095BBF00h, 0AD19489Dh, 01462B174h, 023820E00h, 058428D2Ah, 00C55F5EAh, 01DADF43Eh, 0233F7061h

dd 03372F092h, 08D937E41h, 0D65FECF1h, 06C223BDBh, 07CDE3759h, 0CBEE7460h, 04085F2A7h, 0CE77326Eh

dd 0A6078084h, 019F8509Eh, 0E8EFD855h, 061D99735h, 0A969A7AAh, 0C50C06C2h, 05A04ABFCh, 0800BCADCh

dd 09E447A2Eh, 0C3453484h, 0FDD56705h, 00E1E9EC9h, 0DB73DBD3h, 0105588CDh, 0675FDA79h, 0E3674340h

dd 0C5C43465h, 0713E38D8h, 03D28F89Eh, 0F16DFF20h, 0153E21E7h, 08FB03D4Ah, 0E6E39F2Bh, 0DB83ADF7h


dd 0E93D5A68h, 0948140F7h, 0F64C261Ch, 094692934h, 0411520F7h, 07602D4F7h, 0BCF46B2Eh, 0D4A20068h

dd 0D4082471h, 03320F46Ah, 043B7D4B7h, 0500061AFh, 01E39F62Eh, 097244546h, 014214F74h, 0BF8B8840h

dd 04D95FC1Dh, 096B591AFh, 070F4DDD3h, 066A02F45h, 0BFBC09ECh, 003BD9785h, 07FAC6DD0h, 031CB8504h

dd 096EB27B3h, 055FD3941h, 0DA2547E6h, 0ABCA0A9Ah, 028507825h, 0530429F4h, 00A2C86DAh, 0E9B66DFBh

dd 068DC1462h, 0D7486900h, 0680EC0A4h, 027A18DEEh, 04F3FFEA2h, 0E887AD8Ch, 0B58CE006h, 07AF4D6B6h

dd 0AACE1E7Ch, 0D3375FECh, 0CE78A399h, 0406B2A42h, 020FE9E35h, 0D9F385B9h, 0EE39D7ABh, 03B124E8Bh

dd 01DC9FAF7h, 04B6D1856h, 026A36631h, 0EAE397B2h, 03A6EFA74h, 0DD5B4332h, 06841E7F7h, 0CA7820FBh

dd 0FB0AF54Eh, 0D8FEB397h, 0454056ACh, 0BA489527h, 055533A3Ah, 020838D87h, 0FE6BA9B7h, 0D096954Bh

dd 055A867BCh, 0A1159A58h, 0CCA92963h, 099E1DB33h, 0A62A4A56h, 03F3125F9h, 05EF47E1Ch, 09029317Ch

dd 0FDF8E802h, 004272F70h, 080BB155Ch, 005282CE3h, 095C11548h, 0E4C66D22h, 048C1133Fh, 0C70F86DCh

dd 007F9C9EEh, 041041F0Fh, 0404779A4h, 05D886E17h, 0325F51EBh, 0D59BC0D1h, 0F2BCC18Fh, 041113564h

dd 0257B7834h, 0602A9C60h, 0DFF8E8A3h, 01F636C1Bh, 00E12B4C2h, 002E1329Eh, 0AF664FD1h, 0CAD18115h

dd 06B2395E0h, 0333E92E1h, 03B240B62h, 0EEBEB922h, 085B2A20Eh, 0E6BA0D99h, 0DE720C8Ch, 02DA2F728h

dd 0D0127845h, 095B794FDh, 0647D0862h, 0E7CCF5F0h, 05449A36Fh, 0877D48FAh, 0C39DFD27h, 0F33E8D1Eh

dd 00A476341h, 0992EFF74h, 03A6F6EABh, 0F4F8FD37h, 0A812DC60h, 0A1EBDDF8h, 0991BE14Ch, 0DB6E6B0Dh

dd 0C67B5510h, 06D672C37h, 02765D43Bh, 0DCD0E804h, 0F1290DC7h, 0CC00FFA3h, 0B5390F92h, 0690FED0Bh

dd 0667B9FFBh, 0CEDB7D9Ch, 0A091CF0Bh, 0D9155EA3h, 0BB132F88h, 0515BAD24h, 07B9479BFh, 0763BD6EBh

dd 037392EB3h, 0CC115979h, 08026E297h, 0F42E312Dh, 06842ADA7h, 0C66A2B3Bh, 012754CCCh, 0782EF11Ch

dd 06A124237h, 0B79251E7h, 006A1BBE6h, 04BFB6350h, 01A6B1018h, 011CAEDFAh, 03D25BDD8h, 0E2E1C3C9h

dd 044421659h, 00A121386h, 0D90CEC6Eh, 0D5ABEA2Ah, 064AF674Eh, 0DA86A85Fh, 0BEBFE988h, 064E4C3FEh

dd 09DBC8057h, 0F0F7C086h, 060787BF8h, 06003604Dh, 0D1FD8346h, 0F6381FB0h, 07745AE04h, 0D736FCCCh

dd 083426B33h, 0F01EAB71h, 0B0804187h, 03C005E5Fh, 077A057BEh, 0BDE8AE24h, 055464299h, 0BF582E61h

dd 04E58F48Fh, 0F2DDFDA2h, 0F474EF38h, 08789BDC2h, 05366F9C3h, 0C8B38E74h, 0B475F255h, 046FCD9B9h

dd 07AEB2661h, 08B1DDF84h, 0846A0E79h, 0915F95E2h, 0466E598Eh, 020B45770h, 08CD55591h, 0C902DE4Ch

dd 0B90BACE1h, 0BB8205D0h, 011A86248h, 07574A99Eh, 0B77F19B6h, 0E0A9DC09h, 0662D09A1h, 0C4324633h

dd 0E85A1F02h, 009F0BE8Ch, 04A99A025h, 01D6EFE10h, 01AB93D1Dh, 00BA5A4DFh, 0A186F20Fh, 02868F169h

dd 0DCB7DA83h, 0573906FEh, 0A1E2CE9Bh, 04FCD7F52h, 050115E01h, 0A70683FAh, 0A002B5C4h, 00DE6D027h

dd 09AF88C27h, 0773F8641h, 0C3604C06h, 061A806B5h, 0F0177A28h, 0C0F586E0h, 0006058AAh, 030DC7D62h

dd 011E69ED7h, 02338EA63h, 053C2DD94h, 0C2C21634h, 0BBCBEE56h, 090BCB6DEh, 0EBFC7DA1h, 0CE591D76h

dd 06F05E409h, 04B7C0188h, 039720A3Dh, 07C927C24h, 086E3725Fh, 0724D9DB9h, 01AC15BB4h, 0D39EB8FCh

dd 0ED545578h, 008FCA5B5h, 0D83D7CD3h, 04DAD0FC4h, 01E50EF5Eh, 0B161E6F8h, 0A28514D9h, 06C51133Ch

dd 06FD5C7E7h, 056E14EC4h, 0362ABFCEh, 0DDC6C837h, 0D79A3234h, 092638212h, 0670EFA8Eh, 0406000E0h


dd 03A39CE37h, 0D3FAF5CFh, 0ABC27737h, 05AC52D1Bh, 05CB0679Eh, 04FA33742h, 0D3822740h, 099BC9BBEh

dd 0D5118E9Dh, 0BF0F7315h, 0D62D1C7Eh, 0C700C47Bh, 0B78C1B6Bh, 021A19045h, 0B26EB1BEh, 06A366EB4h

dd 05748AB2Fh, 0BC946E79h, 0C6A376D2h, 06549C2C8h, 0530FF8EEh, 0468DDE7Dh, 0D5730A1Dh, 04CD04DC6h

dd 02939BBDBh, 0A9BA4650h, 0AC9526E8h, 0BE5EE304h, 0A1FAD5F0h, 06A2D519Ah, 063EF8CE2h, 09A86EE22h

dd 0C089C2B8h, 043242EF6h, 0A51E03AAh, 09CF2D0A4h, 083C061BAh, 09BE96A4Dh, 08FE51550h, 0BA645BD6h

dd 02826A2F9h, 0A73A3AE1h, 04BA99586h, 0EF5562E9h, 0C72FEFD3h, 0F752F7DAh, 03F046F69h, 077FA0A59h

dd 080E4A915h, 087B08601h, 09B09E6ADh, 03B3EE593h, 0E990FD5Ah, 09E34D797h, 02CF0B7D9h, 0022B8B51h

dd 096D5AC3Ah, 0017DA67Dh, 0D1CF3ED6h, 07C7D2D28h, 01F9F25CFh, 0ADF2B89Bh, 05AD6B472h, 05A88F54Ch

dd 0E029AC71h, 0E019A5E6h, 047B0ACFDh, 0ED93FA9Bh, 0E8D3C48Dh, 0283B57CCh, 0F8D56629h, 079132E28h

dd 0785F0191h, 0ED756055h, 0F7960E44h, 0E3D35E8Ch, 015056DD4h, 088F46DBAh, 003A16125h, 00564F0BDh

dd 0C3EB9E15h, 03C9057A2h, 097271AECh, 0A93A072Ah, 01B3F6D9Bh, 01E6321F5h, 0F59C66FBh, 026DCF319h

dd 07533D928h, 0B155FDF5h, 003563482h, 08ABA3CBBh, 028517711h, 0C20AD9F8h, 0ABCC5167h, 0CCAD925Fh

dd 04DE81751h, 03830DC8Eh, 0379D5862h, 09320F991h, 0EA7A90C2h, 0FB3E7BCEh, 05121CE64h, 0774FBE32h

dd 0A8B6E37Eh, 0C3293D46h, 048DE5369h, 06413E680h, 0A2AE0810h, 0DD6DB224h, 069852DFDh, 009072166h

dd 0B39A460Ah, 06445C0DDh, 0586CDECFh, 01C20C8AEh, 05BBEF7DDh, 01B588D40h, 0CCD2017Fh, 06BB4E3BBh

dd 0DDA26A7Eh, 03A59FF45h, 03E350A44h, 0BCB4CDD5h, 072EACEA8h, 0FA6484BBh, 08D6612AEh, 0BF3C6F47h

dd 0D29BE463h, 0542F5D9Eh, 0AEC2771Bh, 0F64E6370h, 0740E0D8Dh, 0E75B1357h, 0F8721671h, 0AF537D5Dh

dd 04040CB08h, 04EB4E2CCh, 034D2466Ah, 00115AF84h, 0E1B00428h, 095983A1Dh, 006B89FB4h, 0CE6EA048h

dd 06F3F3B82h, 03520AB82h, 0011A1D4Bh, 0277227F8h, 0611560B1h, 0E7933FDCh, 0BB3A792Bh, 0344525BDh

dd 0A08839E1h, 051CE794Bh, 02F32C9B7h, 0A01FBAC9h, 0E01CC87Eh, 0BCC7D1F6h, 0CF0111C3h, 0A1E8AAC7h

dd 01A908749h, 0D44FBD9Ah, 0D0DADECBh, 0D50ADA38h, 00339C32Ah, 0C6913667h, 08DF9317Ch, 0E0B12B4Fh

dd 0F79E59B7h, 043F5BB3Ah, 0F2D519FFh, 027D9459Ch, 0BF97222Ch, 015E6FC2Ah, 00F91FC71h, 09B941525h

dd 0FAE59361h, 0CEB69CEBh, 0C2A86459h, 012BAA8D1h, 0B6C1075Eh, 0E3056A0Ch, 010D25065h, 0CB03A442h

dd 0E0EC6E0Eh, 01698DB3Bh, 04C98A0BEh, 03278E964h, 09F1F9532h, 0E0D392DFh, 0D3A0342Bh, 08971F21Eh

dd 01B0A7441h, 04BA3348Ch, 0C5BE7120h, 0C37632D8h, 0DF359F8Dh, 09B992F2Eh, 0E60B6F47h, 00FE3F11Dh

dd 0E54CDA54h, 01EDAD891h, 0CE6279CFh, 0CD3E7E6Fh, 01618B166h, 0FD2C1D05h, 0848FD2C5h, 0F6FB2299h

dd 0F523F357h, 0A6327623h, 093A83531h, 056CCCD02h, 0ACF08162h, 05A75EBB5h, 06E163697h, 088D273CCh

dd 0DE966292h, 081B949D0h, 04C50901Bh, 071C65614h, 0E6C6C7BDh, 0327A140Ah, 045E1D006h, 0C3F27B9Ah

dd 0C9AA53FDh, 062A80F00h, 0BB25BFE2h, 035BDD2F6h, 071126905h, 0B2040222h, 0B6CBCF7Ch, 0CD769C2Bh

dd 053113EC0h, 01640E3D3h, 038ABBD60h, 02547ADF0h, 0BA38209Ch, 0F746CE76h, 077AFA1C5h, 020756060h

dd 085CBFE4Eh, 08AE88DD8h, 07AAAF9B0h, 04CF9AA7Eh, 01948C25Ch, 002FB8A8Ch, 001C36AE4h, 0D6EBE1F9h

dd 090D4F869h, 0A65CDEA0h, 03F09252Dh, 0C208E69Fh, 0B74E6132h, 0CE77E25Bh, 0578FDFE3h, 03AC372E6h

;4*256 = 1024 dword = 4096 octets

p_box dd 18 dup(0)

s_box dd 4*256 dup(0)

block dd 0, 0 ;64-bit block

k db "TESTKEYzzzzzazazaazaz", 0

;block dd 64 dup(?)


;*  CODE                                                          *




;* Blowfish_Init - max 448 bits ?   *


check_key MACRO

inc edx

.if edx==length_key

xor edx, edx



Blowfish_Init proc uses edi esi p_key :dword, length_key :dword

;*** Step 1

invoke RtlMoveMemory, offset s_box, offset s_orig, 1024*4

;*** Step 2

mov esi, p_key

xor ecx, ecx

xor edx, edx ;compteur jusqu'? length_key


xor eax, eax

mov ah, byte ptr


mov al, byte ptr


shl eax, 10h

mov ah, byte ptr


mov al, byte ptr


xor eax, dword ptr

mov dword ptr , eax

inc ecx

cmp ecx, 18d

jnz boucle1

mov dword ptr , 0

mov dword ptr , 0

;*** Step 3

xor ecx, ecx


invoke Blowfish_Encrypt, offset block

mov dword ptr , eax

mov dword ptr , edx

inc ecx

inc ecx

cmp ecx, 18d

jnz boucle2

;*** Step 4

xor edi, edi ;0, 400h, 800h, C00h


xor ecx, ecx


invoke Blowfish_Encrypt, offset block

mov dword ptr , eax

mov dword ptr , edx

inc ecx

inc ecx

cmp ecx, 256d

jnz boucle3

add edi, 400h

cmp edi, 1000h

jnz boucle4


Blowfish_Init endp


;* Blowfish_Encrypt - Result in p_block and eax:edx   *


F proc uses ecx edx leftpart: dword

mov ecx, leftpart

mov edx, ecx

shr edx, 10h

xor eax, eax

mov al, dh

mov eax, dword ptr

and edx, 0FFh

add eax, dword ptr

mov edx, ecx

and edx, 00FF00h

shr edx, 8

xor eax, dword ptr

and ecx, 0FFh

add eax, dword ptr


F endp

Blowfish_Encrypt proc uses ecx esi p_block : dword ;64 bit block

mov esi, p_block

mov edx, dword ptr

mov eax, dword ptr

xor ecx, ecx


xor eax, dword ptr

push eax

invoke F, eax ;result eax

xor edx, eax

pop eax

xchg eax, edx

inc ecx

cmp ecx, 16d

jnz boucle5

xchg eax, edx

xor eax, dword ptr

xor edx, dword ptr

mov dword ptr , eax

mov dword ptr , edx


Blowfish_Encrypt endp


;* Blowfish_Decrypt - Result in p_block and eax:edx   *


Blowfish_Decrypt proc uses ecx esi p_block : dword ;64 bit block

mov esi, p_block

mov edx, dword ptr

mov eax, dword ptr

mov ecx, 17d


xor eax, dword ptr

push eax

invoke F, eax ;result eax

xor edx, eax

pop eax

xchg eax, edx

dec ecx

cmp ecx, 1

jnz boucle6

xchg eax, edx

xor eax, dword ptr

xor edx, dword ptr

mov dword ptr , eax

mov dword ptr , edx


Blowfish_Decrypt endp


;* Blowfish_Test -   *

;int 3


main: ;the code begins here !

invoke Blowfish_Init, offset k, 7

    mov esi, offset mydata ; put address into the source index
    mov edi, offset block ; put address into the destination index

  mov al, ; copy byte at address in esi to al
  inc esi ; increment address in esi
  mov , al ; copy byte in al to address in edi

  inc edi ; increment address in edi
  cmp al, 0 ; see if its an ascii zero
  jne @B ; jump back and read next byte if no

    invoke    Blowfish_Encrypt, offset block ;result in block AND eax:edx
    invoke    MessageBox,0,offset block,offset mydata,MB_OK
    invoke    Blowfish_Decrypt, offset block ;result in block AND eax:edx
    invoke    MessageBox,0,offset block,offset mydata,MB_OK

invoke ExitProcess, 0 ;End (exit) program

end main ;end of code

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