Hi I would like to know how to get the two class declerations from the Window at the ASM programm and the resource-data.
I woul like to change that. When I have a class Huhu1 then I want to change that to huhu2. that shoul be possible, but hardcore.
Do someone have an Idea ?
Could be a little trycke, because of the resource-file wich get linked with the mainobj.

Thanks for reading !
Posted on 2003-04-16 17:41:47 by Forginforcer

You cannot change the class of a window once it is created
Posted on 2003-04-16 17:51:12 by donkey

I know these functions, but I woul like to change them in the exe file.
Posted on 2003-04-17 02:54:16 by Forginforcer
What do you mean by change them in an exe file? Explain please.
Posted on 2003-04-17 03:20:08 by roticv
I woul lige to hack the classnmae.

class "hulubulu"

class "hulubulu"

after compiling + linking:
Open hex-editor and change that to Xulubulu

Thanks !
Posted on 2003-04-17 03:23:24 by Forginforcer
Hacking you say? Maybe you can try loading your exe file into memory and search for the intended string and replace the character with another. However if you want to change the string with a longer one, it would be hard (ie longer codes)
Posted on 2003-04-17 03:28:17 by roticv
But if I find these strings in the memory, I don know where they are at the file. It's possible to make the strings longer ?
Posted on 2003-04-17 03:30:46 by Forginforcer
Do you try to change your own program here?
Posted on 2003-04-17 06:14:05 by bazik
Yups !
Posted on 2003-04-17 06:39:45 by Forginforcer
Why? :confused:

I dont see any use for changinge the classname of a Window at runtime.

Well, I actually had the same question, but found a good workaround:

Posted on 2003-04-17 07:10:38 by bazik