I was just down at the old forum and at icz's site. Saw the list of IDE's and from the many posts on the old forum, it seems as if at one time many ASM IDE's were under development.

Are they all dead now. The links at icz's website havent been updated for a long while now.

If you are no longer continuing with your IDE project, i have an idea that you could post atleast the protion which is complete, for the people to see and make use of what you have done till now. But then again its your wish entirely.:)
Posted on 2001-09-28 14:51:29 by MovingFulcrum
VASM - FREE Visual Assembler IDE - is still active and alive.

The reason why I had not post anything new on my website is because I was looking for a new job. Come to find out, because of the September 11th event, I will (90% sure) have to look again for a new job. I started my new job with a cruise company here in Miami on September 10th. And, since the airline industry is EXTREAMLY important to the cruise industry and because not very many people are taking vacations on cruise ships right now, I'm close in losing my new job. I'm a System Analyst / Developer III. Specifically, I'm a Delphi Guru!

Thank you Osama Bin Laden. Thank you very much for having my job cut! You SOB! I'm upset, to say the least! Then, again, my situation is NOTHING compared to the poor souls who have lost their lives because of that SOB. It just sucks! :(

So, I will continue with VASM as soon as I hear better news for a new job, or if I can stay on with the cruise company. My furniture is still in storage and I have no access to VASM right now. I will find out within the next 2 weeks! :(

Take care!
Posted on 2001-10-01 09:26:50 by rainbird
my Visual-IDE project has been put on hold but not for too long. I'm working on building my toolbox because I plan to start consulting soon so I'm writing many tools so I don't fall short this time (I've faltered once because I wasn't so prepared) and I'm also helping someone else on this board (I don't know the screenname) with a MASM interpreter.

Posted on 2001-10-01 10:41:21 by _Shawn

I'm inching along on interpreter/ide project myself with advice help & feedback from others (Shawn). I'm doing it in asm b/c I gotta learn the stuff so that the environment does more more useful things than purdy colors on text.

Because I'm moving so sloooowly (& may not ever actually get it done), the approach I'm taking on this project is to release DLLs to the community that may be useful to others in their own ide endevours. I'm testing the waters with the "hash table" alpha I just posted is the algoritms section for comments. First three DLLs: Hasher, Scanner, & Parser. Others later... not sure on how to generalize them all but I'm having fun figuring this stuff out.
Posted on 2001-10-05 11:28:19 by rafe
AsmEdit is in an ongoing update and a new release
will be posted soon.

Posted on 2001-10-05 11:57:10 by Ewayne
NaGoA is here!

very soon update!

for NASM coders only

Posted on 2001-10-05 19:57:56 by Nguga
RadASM is still alive and kicking and a new release is on it way.

Look for it here:

Posted on 2001-10-06 08:51:52 by KetilO
The project of Assembler Workplace for FASM coders (started in last months) will be probably soon updated (after FASM 1.14 final release).
Look at "tools" section of http://omega.im.uj.edu.pl/~grysztar
Posted on 2001-10-07 07:44:13 by Tomasz Grysztar