Hi all!

Is it possible to select some other color for the LR_TRANSPARENT option?

The Help File states: Retrieves the color value of the first pixel in the image and replaces the corresponding entry in the color table with the default window color (COLOR_WINDOW).

COLOR_WINDOW seems to be white, but i would like to have it replaced with the Dialog Box Background Color..

I found the MaskBlt Function, maybe this is the only way to do this? And does MaskBlt work with all Windows-Versions?

Posted on 2003-04-19 05:59:35 by JohnnyofBorg
Posted on 2003-04-20 21:13:32 by donkey
Hm.. you mean use Gray (192,192,192) as transparent Color so it will be replaced with COLOR_3DFACE ? Hey, great Idea!

Posted on 2003-05-08 10:42:14 by JohnnyofBorg
Sort of, I meant this:
From MSDN::LoadImage fuload
If fuLoad includes both the LR_LOADTRANSPARENT and LR_LOADMAP3DCOLORS values, LRLOADTRANSPARENT takes precedence. However, the color table entry is replaced with COLOR_3DFACE rather than COLOR_WINDOW.
Posted on 2003-05-08 10:48:12 by donkey
Maybe i should read the win32api Help File more careful.. :)
Posted on 2003-05-09 09:21:40 by JohnnyofBorg