Is there any reason to use the .const segment?

Its supposed to put data in a read only memory area, but I wonder if it does on Win32?
Posted on 2001-09-28 19:08:05 by dxantos
The only thing i use constants for is the resource section of my program such as menus , bitmaps, etc...and oh yes timers

I know there are ways to eliminate resorce files but i'm not that experienced.

I don't know if theses things are put in read only memory and the only reason i am replieing is because the .const section sort of bugs me like its not runtime code so its inefficient code
Posted on 2001-09-28 19:44:27 by titan
Titan, if you use EQU for resource defines, there's no reason to use

dxantos, the paging mechanism on the IA32 allows to set read-only
or read/write, and user or superviser (ring3/ring0) acces, per page
(4k range). Thus, it is indeed possible to make read-only memory,
and as such, you can use the .const section for that.
Posted on 2001-09-28 23:07:20 by f0dder
Posted on 2001-09-29 11:05:18 by dxantos