for bothering to download MASM32 you get two seperate string concantenation functions that both work well. One of them "szMultiCat" written by The Svin (Alex) will handle multiple strings at a time and it is a smart piece of code.

You can write your own but its worth it to you to get at stuff that is there as it may help you design code of that type and all the source is there for you to access.



Get it from www.masm32.com
Posted on 2003-04-23 07:28:51 by hutch--
.elseif ecx > eax ;W1<W2
lea edi,
lea esi,
push ecx
inc ecx
rep movsb
mov ecx, eax
pop eax
sub ecx, eax
mov al,'0'
rep stosb
In the first part of the code which I suggested, eax was > than ecx. Now, it's the opposite and in order for the code to function, you have to exchange those two values. At least you thought of using FPVal_W1 instead of FPVal_W2.

So, insert the following code immediately the .elseif statement:
      xchg  eax,ecx
The total code may seem long but is relatively short for each case. You could reduce the total code by eliminating the doubled code after the "lea esi," and jumping to that same code in the previous section right after the "lea esi,".

Posted on 2003-04-23 15:07:41 by Raymond