Although i have great respect for this programming board i must admit that i will be leaving soon.

I felt that the recent termination of the WA forum was biased.

I know that Hiro Pays for this service but unfortunately i believe he is biased also in his opinion.

Any ways ..i don't need it.

Posted on 2003-04-24 00:41:49 by IwasTitan

Don't lump it all on Hiro, I was also one who pushed for it to be closed because it had gone past its use by date. There was support in the team that run the forum to close it down for much the same reason.

The Heap is not open to political discussion by design so it is not possible to fully disect what and why it happened as it has to do with the postings that were being made but at least there was a fair go for a long time and many members were involved in useful discussions while it was going.

I am much of the view that a political forum cannot work if its not fully open but that factor alone makes it vulnerable to abuse and that is mainly why it was closed.

Look on the bright side, we did make democracy and free speech work for a while but both are subject to attack by various means and this forum will not be used in that way.

Posted on 2003-04-24 00:53:27 by hutch--
opinions are always personal and I explained that this was a personal decision in the very first post. Maybe you've seen a different messageboard but for some time I've had people pushing for the termination of this subforum as well as for its closure. While I support free speech where I find it applicable and possible, the amount of work and tension this forum created had become too high due to several certain individual posters who at the end seemed just to attack each other and not the argument.

If this were a general purpose forum my decision would have been different no doubt, but it is not and everybody knows it. If you come here that's because you enjoy win32asm for whatever reason.

In any case this is the internet, people come and go. Goodbye.
Posted on 2003-04-24 01:12:03 by Hiroshimator
Titan, you said it yourself : "programming messageboard"...

The Worldly affairs forums has been opened to canalize the growing number of posts about wars and politics in "The Crusades" forums...

Personnally, I have been arguing for some time with the other members from the message board administration team to close this forum as it had tendency to break what made this message board a good message board : good technical topics and a peaceful atmosphere where everybody could learn from the other...

I am sorry if the WA is closed but it is *your* (everybody who participed in this forum, including me that participed a bit in its opening) fault who were not able to discuss peacefully : this forum has never, and will never be a flame war forum where bullet-proof jackets and firesuit are necessary to enter...

If you leave now because of that, it would mean that the only reason for you to stay here is the WA forum: as a programmers forum, it would be a failure and it is why it was closed.

What I know is that Hiro has taken the time necessary for reflexion , to make this decision (to say the truth, at a moment I even found him a bit slow to make it), tried to moderate the WA forums in others ways.
We knew that when we would close it, some people would yell about our "biased opinion", and our "dictatorial censorship"... the facts (what I heard from long time members) are that most programmers felt uneasy with the atmosphere in the message board since the WA forum grown up to that point... our duty is to make a message board for programmers: not for hawks, pacifists, and revolutionnarists.

Stay or go away, but if you do something, do it for the right reasons. :alright:
Posted on 2003-04-24 01:15:26 by JCP
Heh, maybe it was too anti American? Or too anti George Bush? :grin:

Anyway, i will not miss it. I did post there for a while at the start, but grew tired of it after a while. It takes the fun out of posting when you have to spend an extra half hour per post justifying your opinion/theory/etc just so that other members can't take it out of context and think you are attacking them personally.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: "Always avoid discussing politics and religion, unless you are prepared to fight".

If anyone still need to talk wordly affairs, there are other forums out there, with a much larger audience, and more biased people to argue with.
Posted on 2003-04-24 02:20:30 by sluggy
Ok, I will quit my childish rantings. I'm too addicted to the board to leave anyways.

Actually i notice my interest in programming and "THE NEW AND FANTASTIC ELECTRONICS" forum returning.

Perhaps the WA section was counter productive. Too much arguing with nothing learned and stealing attention from the forums where you can learn something.

Sorry for b*tching aand laying blame Hiro.

It was unwarranted.
Posted on 2003-04-24 13:30:52 by IwasTitan

Thats great but beware, we will convert you. :tongue:

Give it a while and you too can become a mnemonic munching monster.

Posted on 2003-04-25 05:03:39 by hutch--