I want to declair a textequ in a macro with the information given by other textequs, such as :
EVal CATSTR __ClassName,
EVal = 1
yes, this works well. if __ClassName is CBase, then CBaseVal is a global textequ with the val 1, but can I let this textequ be other textequ such as
CBaseVal textequ otherval
it won't work. and can I let CBaseVal = offset somefunct? It won't work, either.

Is there anyone expericed in the macro writing, I need your help. Thank you a lot.
Posted on 2003-04-24 03:18:47 by taowen2002

I have moved the thread to the main forum so that you will get more answers.


Posted on 2003-04-24 03:56:36 by hutch--
Im unable to understand your question. Repost it with a bit more clarity, possibly including an exact code sample.
Posted on 2003-04-24 09:06:14 by japheth
I have solved the problem, thank you all the same.
I am doing a OOP work in macro, something more will be posted.
Posted on 2003-04-24 22:27:44 by taowen2002