So where did this MCALL come from? I did a search on the board and didnt find the source, only examples using it. I assume it is just a Macro for coinvoke.. but i dont like working on assumptions :)

Posted on 2001-09-29 23:42:52 by NaN
Didn't it come from the directX pacakage at bizarrecreations?
Could be wrong, though. It is almost the same as coinvoke.


edit: removed the link, doesn't seem to work (I tried
Posted on 2001-09-30 03:23:12 by Thomas
Yes, it is defined in the include "objbase.def" it works a bit differnet than coinvoke because it does a normal invoke, then reset the actual assembler-address to change the call into an interface-call (that's one reason why I didn't have supported mcall anymore in the dx8-includes ...)

Greetings, CALEB
Posted on 2001-09-30 06:33:33 by Caleb
Gotcha, thanx.. long story short, i wont worry about it and continue things as i always have :)
Posted on 2001-09-30 11:08:01 by NaN