Hi again!

I know some of this have been discussed before... But is it much work to do to improve the syntax and the GUI as the screenshot shows?

I was thinking about an "instruction" (well, it isn't an instruction, but let me call it that) which equals to the current proc-macro, but with some syntax-changes and so... Usage:
proc procedure_name() { statement }

Another thing I was thinking of here one day, was an improved macro syntax (that's maybe a little bit harder to implement)...
macro .if func (c as =,<,>,!=,>=,<=,<>) num { ... }
macro goto lab { ... }
...which may be used like this:
.if = WM_CREATE goto .wmcreate

And next: I see many IDEs with those squares in the margins which let you get a better overview of the sources... Is that "possible" to implement in FASM (supporting to show/hide the contents of procedures and labels)?

Yes, I see, I'm asking of much, but... I simply love FASM and want it to be the "best tool" ever... :alright: ...it's a tool in constant development and I want both to come with ideas and to develop my own customized versions...

Privalov, once again, thank you for this powerfull assembler! Take care!
Posted on 2003-04-26 04:34:29 by Tommy
Those are very nice ideas, but I would hate to see FASM IDE get over bloated. It loads as fast as Notepad on this old machine, and that is one of the primary reasons I like it so much.
Posted on 2003-04-26 13:13:51 by comrade
I see Comrade, but this is only two small features... ;) And it's not necessary for all of us to use it... :)
Anyway, thanks for the response.... Have you tested my customized version of FASM?
Else, I agree: I also wanna keep it simple (that's FASM: Easy, but powerfull) ;)

Take care! Cheers!
Posted on 2003-04-26 14:54:08 by Tommy