Damn !! I can't get this to work. Hi guys, I'm having trouble to Show/Hide a ComboBox Control:
The actual Combo is inside of a Dialog Box created with a resource Editor, now, I'm sending this message to it:

Invoke SendDlgItemMessage, hWnd, IDC_TITLE, WM_SHOWWINDOW, TRUE, 0

Now hWnd is the Handle of the Dialog Box, not the Control itself.
IDC_TITLE is the ID of the Control.:o
WM_SHOWWINDOW... u know what it is
TRUE because I want to make it "Visible".
0 because the API says that ...

Ok, daya have any clue of why the damn component is not showing itself ? I think maybe it's a little shy, but go ahead sweety Control, appear at least by Magic or I'll f***ing break my keyboard !!:mad:

Thanks a lot for your cooperation (Robocop said that, didn't he?)
Posted on 2001-09-30 00:39:51 by magicmac
Wrong API...


invoke GetDlgItem, hDlg, ID_NUMBER
mov hComboBox, eax

l8r when you want to hide it:

invoke ShowWindow, hComboBox, SW_HIDE

and l8r on when you want to see it again..

invoke ShowWindow, hComboBox, SW_SHOW

This should fix yer probs... (and save your keyboard.. :) )
Posted on 2001-09-30 01:22:27 by NaN

invoke GetDlgItem, hWnd, IDC_TITLE
invoke ShowWindow, eax, SW_HIDE ; hide window
; invoke ShowWindow, eax, SW_SHOW ; show window
Posted on 2001-09-30 01:22:46 by bazik
exact the same time, NaN :)
Posted on 2001-09-30 01:23:46 by bazik
hmm Great minds think alike...

And appearently at the same moment in time! :grin:

Posted on 2001-09-30 01:25:22 by NaN
Ok.. you did it to me twice now!!

No more fussing with bold and underlines with you around... hehehe
Posted on 2001-09-30 01:26:36 by NaN
Thanx you both, guys ...
Hey this forum is Magical !! :) I always find the answers to my questions ... Thanx thanx thanx ... :)
Posted on 2001-09-30 11:48:56 by magicmac