Doe's List box control (not owner draw) have a flat scrollbar style? (like listview)
Posted on 2003-04-27 00:52:33 by Anorak
Something like this, You have to handle placing the thumb though
invoke GetDlgItem,hDlg,ID_LISTBOX

mov hListBox,eax
invoke InitializeFlatSB, hListBox
invoke FlatSB_EnableScrollBar, hListBox, SB_VERT, ESB_ENABLE_BOTH
invoke FlatSB_SetScrollProp, hListBox, WSB_PROP_HSTYLE, FSB_FLAT_MODE,TRUE
invoke FlatSB_ShowScrollBar, hListBox, SB_VERT, TRUE
Posted on 2003-04-27 04:09:39 by donkey
Thank's a lot
that's exactly that i need
Posted on 2003-04-27 05:38:51 by Anorak
BTW don't use WS_VSCROLL or WS_HSCROLL, the normal scrollbars will clip the flat scroll bars.
Posted on 2003-04-27 06:05:31 by donkey