This isn't a particularily win32 asm quesiton but here it goes...

Does anyone know of a good lexer and parser generator like flex and yacc that can produce C++? Also, every link I've come across for flex, bison, and yacc are dead... anyone know of a live link to download?

Currently, given the fact that so many lexers and parser generaters are dead, out of date, or whatever, my only option is to purchase Visual Parse++ for $500 USD... which I don't want to do if I don't have to...

Posted on 2001-10-01 00:09:41 by _Shawn
If you prefer LL(k) grammars, how about ANTLR (formerly PCCTS) ?

You might also want to check the links in the Catalog of Free Compilers
Posted on 2001-10-01 17:35:56 by tank
It sounds weird to me that links for flex, bison and yacc
should be dead. If you can't find it elsewhere, get the 32bit
dos extended versions from .
I'm pretty sure win32 ports shouldn't be too hard to find.
Posted on 2001-10-01 21:37:29 by f0dder
Thanks for the help.

I ended up finding two lexers, one was written in Delphi but was pretty powerful. It produced Delphi output =))

The other I forget what it's called, I think it was BisonFlex+ or something. Whatever, it's a very recent update to win32 and makes itself VC++6 compatible.

I'll end up writing my own someday. I want one that not only produces lexing and parsing code, but one that also has the capability to generate an interpreted environment for the syntax in question. Obviously, it's only a skeleton but if it can do the grunt and I only have to fill in the blanks, it's better than writing a parser from scratch for any new syntax I would want to work with.

In particular, I would like to create a C++ interpreter for a scripting language someday. For now, I'm helping with a MASM interpreter.

Posted on 2001-10-01 23:51:47 by _Shawn
Posted on 2001-10-02 04:27:27 by bazik