Hi guys,
i want your suggestions.... i am looking for an app that does the following:

- measures traffic (ingoing and outgoing) on the ports that i specify (at least ports 25, 80, 110)
- logs every http request (url requested) over a specified port

I want to measure my traffic because i think my ISP is miscalculating it and is unfairly classing me as an abnormally heavy user, and is therefore imposing unfair restrictions on my account towards the end of the month. We all know that i would never be an excessive user :) (I actually run two accounts thru the same ISP, and they think that i am exceeding 3GB of traffic/month on each one. That means they think i am moving more than 6GB/month over a single 56K modem.)

I also want to monitor what urls are being requested from my machine, so i can eliminate advertising while i surf.

Note that i am looking for an *app*. I know that a well set up firewall will do what i want, but i really haven't got the time or the motivation to set one up. I would also have to educate my wife on what to do should it crash or hang, and i can't be bothered doing that either :)

Thanks for any recommendations ;)
Posted on 2003-05-01 08:09:58 by sluggy
http://www.eeye.com/html/ - iris is a pretty good packet sniffer / traffic analyser. Might not be what you're after, though...

probably a thing like proximitron to filter advertisements + something like DUmeter (I think) to track bandwith usage.

Also, a firewall wouldn't hurt, and it's a pretty damn good idea to run one if you're on the internet. A good one (kerio personal firewall, www.kerio.com) might take a few days to set up, but then it just runs... and runs... and runs :-) it helps stuff from attacking you, but also keeps trojans from connection outwards. In the case of dialup connections, should (hopefully) even be able to stop those trojan dialers.
Posted on 2003-05-01 08:30:44 by f0dder