I have been working on a FileSystem and Storage driver for WindowsXp (my work has requesting that I do this) and I have found that WindowsXp's auto system file recovery service is one big major pain in the back side (every time I would compile a new version of FastFat (I have been using this FSD for fact gathering) and copy it over to my test system the stupid OS would deceide for me that this is not what I really wanted to do and would recover the installed version of the FastFat.sys file (overwritting the one that I placed there). Now I have tried all of the tweak software that is out there, with out much success and then I came accross the below web site link. Since it was so hard to find and I am sure that I am not the only one who would benefit from being able to do this (for development purposes only, of course) I thought that I would pass the link on.

I hope it helps out anyone who is looking for such information.

How to disable the System File Checker In Windows XP
Posted on 2003-05-01 12:15:58 by madprgmr
Somebody might benefit from that article, good idea to post it here.

Now a note... it shouldn't be necessary, since people attempting to do
this hopefully have a good reason for doing the change and hopefully
have some idea about what they're doing... but I'm posting it anyway.
The article says:

At offset 0000E2B8 (0E2B8h) you should find the values "8B" and "C6".
Change the values "8B C6" to read "90 90" and save the changes.

if the values there are NOT 8B C6, do NOT change them to 90 90, or you
risk wrecking your system.
Posted on 2003-05-01 13:00:25 by f0dder