does anyone using TASM
have some code using COM technology
if please post it for me or send me by mail or give me a link to get it
Posted on 2003-05-02 04:07:38 by Thor0Asgard
I still use TASM

and used COM a little in either DirectX interfaces or the JPEG loading routines of the SOL Raytracer example (this raytracer sources should be here on board in the games section)

HE source code is not (yet?) freely availabe but i mainly use this kind of code (soory i use no COM/OOP macros):

push param1
push param2
push param2
mov eax,[object]
push eax
mov eax,[eax] ; get the interface pointer
call [eax+Object.Method1]

AFAIK there are some macros freely available on internet to automate this "mcall" or "dxcall" or something... i did not use them but they should be fine.

you can download the SOL Raytracer sourcecode in TASM 5.0 here also:

approx 900k with JPEG textures included

the code for loading JPEGS in \textures\load_jpeg.asm uses COM interface methods to do this
Posted on 2003-05-02 08:36:50 by BogdanOntanu
why it is a 5.0 TASM code and not TASM 5.2 wich fully supports .MMX instructions
Posted on 2003-05-02 10:53:21 by Thor0Asgard