Hi people,

i'am not a very good english speaking, but i'll try to expose my problem:

Write a programm( in assembler) , which inserts a string alphabetically in a chain/serial list consisting of Strings.
the comparison of the first letters is enough for it.

this is the whole problem, i would be really pleased to get a solution to it. Thanks.
Posted on 2003-05-02 10:37:42 by andre6
1. Welcome at this board! :)
2. You posted at the wrong forum, MASM32 is only for MASM32 package related issues, the main subject of this board is windows assembly, DOS assembly is allowed to some extent but it should go into 'the heap'
3. We don't do homework for you but we can help you with it. What have you tried already? How do you approach the problem? etc. etc.

Posted on 2003-05-02 10:59:14 by Thomas
Your solution will depend on several factors.

1. Are the strings in the existing list all of the same size or of varying size? If the latter, are they terminated by a special character?

2. Are the strings in the existing list all starting with an upper case letter (or all starting with a lower case letter), or could it be either one? If the latter case, you would have to check for both. (This also applies to your new string.)

3. Is your existing list already initialized with all the characters which could be used as the first character of the new string? If not, you will have to keep track of your position in the existing list to prevent checking past the end.

As you can see, before you even start to write the first line of code, you have to define the problem in detail and then determine how best to solve it.

Posted on 2003-05-02 22:00:02 by Raymond