This is his personal explanation for it.

If you have any questions for me, don't be afraid to ask, I will not eat you. Hutch also still has an account here, so I'm fairly sure he'll respond as well.
Posted on 2003-05-03 06:06:45 by Hiroshimator
too bad.
I don't really get the "viral coding" and "illegal software support" stuff though - threads like that have always been closed and/or deleted?
Posted on 2003-05-03 06:10:50 by f0dder
I don't get it, I feel a liitle empty, shocked, is this some dalyed 1st april thing?

I can't understand the "viral coding" and "illegal software support" either, maybe hutch was/is the one that saw them first and fixed them before the other moderator got a chance of seeing and delete them.
I think he will responde, as the gentle man he's aways been/is, if he still takes a look in this place, that is (it woud be hard to reply to a post he doesn't know exist).
Posted on 2003-05-03 06:56:55 by scientica
No, it's not a delayed 1st of april joke.

As for all the stuff on that site... I got a feeling hutch is referring very heavily to me. I'm somewhat amazed that he decided to leave the board, and it's in no way something I wanted. Let's hope this doesn't lead to name-calling, and that we can return to the once friendly atmosphere this board had.
Posted on 2003-05-03 07:07:54 by f0dder
It's not because some illegal post that wasn't deleted soon enough or something, there's more to it. He'd better speak for himself since I (and others as well) failed to see his exact reasons and what he expects from this board before (we had a discussion about this with all the moderators). From what I understood, Hutch decided to leave because the board is not what he wants it to be (whatever that may be).

I'm sorry to see that it had to go this far :rolleyes:,

Posted on 2003-05-03 07:33:47 by Thomas
f0dder, I wouldn't take it personal - there are other factors, but we are not exactly sure what they are. Hutch-- seems to have fallen into a "mood" lately and doesn't feel the board going in the direction he, himself would like it to go. There has also been talk of him starting his own message board.

Personally, I hope he enjoys his vacation from the board and returns in time.
Posted on 2003-05-03 09:22:35 by bitRAKE
I personally stand firm and dissagree with Hutch's views of this ASM community. His views are both appocolyptic and narrow. He is generalizing a large population into a view that is statisfying enough to him that he must leave. To me i find this very insulting. I will not stand by his decision, but truely hope everyone can see beyond this and realize just what this community *truely* is, and not just how Hutch views it.

As Hiro had mentioned, please feel free to speak your opinions, thoughts or concerns. Either openly or via PM to myslef or others. This is upsetting to have happen. But it is not the end by any means. We are thriving here, and our users base is not dropping. This is not propaganda, this is fact.

I hope I have been able to give you some assurance that the moderating team will continue to work and keep this board running for you.

Lastly, there is some positives from this. In time Hutch's forum will sustain a unique enviroment of his own. This means we *will* eventually have two sources of ASM support on the internet, not just one. I can only hope that at this time we are all still understood to be friends and equally welcome on each of these two boards.

Posted on 2003-05-03 10:08:29 by NaN
The MASM32 forum of this board is specified for matters having to do strictly with the compiler package, and Hutch is generally the only one to be able to answer some of the questions. Does he also want this MASM32 forum to be deleted entirely from the board?

Without him, this MASM32 section would become almost useless. Couldn't he, at least, be convinced to officially continue supporting his MASM32 package on this board even if he doesn't want to get involved in any other discussion? I think Hutch is a reasonable person and he could agree to such an arrangement.

Posted on 2003-05-03 10:35:48 by Raymond

Without him, this MASM32 section would become almost useless. Couldn't he, at least, be convinced to officially continue supporting his MASM32 package on this board even if he doesn't want to get involved in any other discussion? I think Hutch is a reasonable person and he could agree to such an arrangement.


If I understood him right, he will host is own board about MASM32 and this section gets removed from
Posted on 2003-05-03 10:51:51 by bazik
I don't personally know Hutch, but everything I've read from him and all that he has created deserves nothing short of respect. He is a person of integrity and experience and like it or not, that's important.
Posted on 2003-05-03 14:49:46 by alpha
I am responding to this posting because there are some legitimate question that have been asked. I will not address any matters of argument because I see that they don't matter any longer.

I have many friends in this forum and there are many people that I like as well and I will continue to develop the MASM32 project as I see it as a way of empowering programmers to escape from kiddie level languages and be their own master of what they design and write.

I have yet to work out another method of supporting programmers who use the MASM32 project apart from the normal ones I still use that are not associated with this forum but I am discussing different ideas with friends and associates that may be viable in the future.

Most know that I am cantankerous enough to start the next world war and it comes with the territory but I would always prefer to be a straight shooter than a bullsh*t artist so i don't offer any apologies here. I certainly have offended some but I have got on well with many others and in the long haul, they are the people that I see that matter.

Even though I am subject to some criticism in both this thread and in the forum, I in fact hold no animosity towards the people who have done so as I personally like most of them.

The MASM32 project that I maintain always has and always will be a completely independent package that is not subject to any form of external conditions, associations or any other connections and it is to this end that I leave this forum.

To the many friends I have her, its been a pleasure, to the few enemies I have here, tuff, you can't win 'em all. :tongue:


If you have the need, you can contact me at my email address as i usually manage to answer my email in a reasonable time.
Posted on 2003-05-04 03:06:53 by hutch--
I am very sorry about Hutch's decision.He is a very strong and experienced coder.
Without his herculean efforts, it's really difficult to imagine the future of this board.
He's one of most respected member of the community.
Hutch,we hope you will not leave this board.
Can a father leave his home?
Posted on 2003-05-04 03:25:56 by Vortex
"but I would always prefer to be a straight shooter than a bullsh*t artist..."
I understand you very well

"Can a father leave his home?"
Yes, to create a new family (if his wife and
big children doesn't respect him)
Posted on 2003-05-04 07:42:04 by lingo12
Sad to see Hutch go. But he's got to do what he believes is right. I don't see much virus oriented stuff but then I don't know much or anything about them so I would have a problem recognizing it (except the obvious code injection stuff). The language issues are something that I agree with him on, there has been a creeping of non-asm related questions into the main forums since I started coming here and it seems to be getting worse. C++ threads from start to finish are appearing in the MAIN forum and for me that represents a problem that should be taken care of.

There is also a tendancy to fall into a "clash of the titans" destroying threads with arguments over some small technical point. What would be the advantage of having a thread about things to consider when switching to ASM end up being a never ending argument about register preservation? There are some members who with time have gained a little tolerance regarding their attitude, this priviledge has been abused on occasion. You know, I changed my sig when the WA was shut down to try to reflect a new attitude, there are alot of others who could use an attitude change as well.

I really hope that Hutch will reconsider his position with time. False hope probably but my wish all the same.
Posted on 2003-05-04 07:46:20 by donkey

C++ threads from start to finish are appearing in the MAIN forum and for me that represents a problem that should be taken care of.

Translate them to asm, and/or/xor move those threads to the heap. (Increased work load for the moderators, but I think they'll survive :) )
Posted on 2003-05-04 09:50:00 by scientica
Does this mean that Hutch can deny this site access to new versions of Masm?

The board is going to disintegrate.

This really sucks.

HUTCH...smoke a joint and come back. Don't let assholes tell you what territory is or is not yours. Make some demands.

The Masm32 package is what made this board. Without it and Hutches support it is doomed to fade away.

May as well be one of those rediculouse "wicca" discussion boards in that case.
Posted on 2003-05-04 11:35:14 by IwasTitan
IwasTitan, Hutch-- will be missed around here, but that certainly doesn't mean the rest of the board is doomed. Pass the joint to me and let your head clear. :)
Posted on 2003-05-04 11:50:10 by bitRAKE

Without it and Hutches support it is doomed to fade away.

We must, we will adapt.
I've got out of the shock now, and I must say that I didn't see this coming (thats why I was shocked by his decision, it came like a bold from clear sky).
There will be others to take/assume hutch--'s place whether anyone wants to or not, unless he comes back. This board will not disintergrate, we're approx 3 200 users on this board, and increasing, we will continue to support new and old programmers, the moderators will contine to make sure the rules are followed by deleting posts/threads that violates the rules/laws, and we (or at least some of us) will continue hoping for hutch--'s return.
Posted on 2003-05-04 11:50:52 by scientica
Grab ahold of youself man! :grin:

Things are not so dire..... Its upsetting, but no way should it change the level of attention people recieve when they ask for help.

Change is natrual. And its not like he has died, just he wants to foster a more pure environment for absolute new comers. As I understand his demands, he wants threads to no longer waver and convolute with deeper discussion from the more experienced members who had picked up on an idea and ran with it. As Hutch has made clear to us, he feels this only confuses the simple question origionally asked. (He is right to some extent, but it totaly eliminates others from enjoying an afterthough discussion).

To me this is an essential dynamic of theses forums. We are not pre-school, we host to all levels of skill. This board has always been more than Q & A only, and is what builds the friendly environment we have. As i understand it, Hutch wants it to be more Q & A only.... which is his right to feel, but i do not agree enforcing this view onto our current member base. The newer still recieve their help, and the more experienced are still free to talk about after thoughts they might have on these topics.

Posted on 2003-05-04 11:52:37 by NaN
It's unfortunate hutch decided to leave, but as for the severity... most of the discussion on this forum has been about assembly/windows in general, not specific about the masm32 package (take a look at the amount of posts in the masm32 forum compared to the others).

The masm32 package is still there, and will apperantly still be supported by hutch - he just decided to move the support elsewhere.

There's been too much junk and out-of-topic stuff - but the Wordly Affairs forum is gone, and out-of-topic can be dealt with. The current moderators are quite sensible human beings, democratic and understanding except of course for evil viral/hacking/cracking/reversing related matters. I've even seen a lot of them give apologies and admit mistakes - so why all this fuss about hutch leaving? :)

Hutch, good luck with whatever you're doing.
Posted on 2003-05-04 13:26:50 by f0dder