I think it is rather normal that famous assembler's
creators want to create their own forums

Yes, it's normal,
abnormal is leaving this one.
You have yourown site and forum.
Have you left this one?
No, 'cause there is no need to leave.

Good Hiro's word "consolidate".
Win32asmcommunity could be kinda central club,
so when people want to meet\find some
asm. coder they'd come here first,
and then they can go to the coder site or whatever.
Kinda asm UN. To meet asm. coders from different
fields. Though it's called Win32asm we can see
discussion of different things including OS development.
(Very little about drivers and system prog. though - kinda strange -
usually it was a main field for low level coding)

To me all this in practicall sence there is
the only difference - that now I need to do
more jumps in Inet to be around those I'm
interested in.
Inet kinda expensive toy for me in present conditions,
yet it is not too big deal, cost of the jumps.
But only 'cause I'm able to trace where Steve
ran away to :)
Posted on 2003-07-27 17:20:59 by The Svin

I wonder why this topic keeps being recycled when its old news. I support notions of independence and diversity and assembler is too big a field to be contained in one place. Iczelion's original forum which this one is a successor to was a MASM forum and while this one has continued to expand, it has become a multi-assembler forum where the different interests are not always compatible with each other.

Thomasz setting up an independent forum for FASM is a natural progression that allows him to more accurately support his work without having MASM, GoAsm or any other get in the way and this means that FASM users will benefit from this progression.

The masmforum allows me to do things that cannot be done in a general purpose forum and it has been an advantage to be able to do that. We have a very good team to run it and it more accurately reflects what I had in mind wehen I first supported Iczelion's original concept years ago.

Diversity will make assembler programming stronger and allows better support so rather than lamenting the seperations that inevitably occur, it is more useful to see them as an improvement that works better for the programmers who use different assemblers.

Posted on 2003-07-27 23:13:11 by hutch--

So all the boards have their specialty or concentrate in a particular area.

Thats good because one board may have ideas in an area that another is not concentrating on at a particular time. So the individual has a choice.

Well if thats the case i think we should see replies to questions that post links to other boards.

That is....links to Hutches board from this one and vis versa. (And any other)

(Has this happened yet between the two infamouse boards?)

Oh no..lets not fight about which board is going to be the U.N. for all the boards.

Posted on 2003-07-27 23:42:20 by IwasTitan
ack i see loops and loops and loops and loops and loops

almost like my sisters used to talk... looops yep and more loops..

I think this has looped enough dont you... if there is nothing left constructive in this post to be talked about can wel please lock it down now and get back to coding.. thanks.
Posted on 2003-07-28 00:18:46 by devilsclaw
Hutch please don't leave :( *sniff*

Can someone let me know whats going on, there is a great deal of ambiguity here.
Posted on 2003-08-08 22:40:53 by x86asm
x86asm: this thread is from may 3rd, Hutch has already left quite some time ago...

Posted on 2003-08-09 04:18:26 by Thomas
I am new to this board , of course I had heard of you long before :)
It makes me feel sad to hear your leaving,hope you 'll be back soon and enjoy your work.:alright:
Posted on 2003-09-08 00:02:04 by PaulZhao
This thread is quite an experience of the supernatural... it keeps coming back from the dead :grin:
Posted on 2003-09-08 14:57:06 by QvasiModo
Posted on 2003-09-08 20:08:53 by cmax
Sorry to see you go, Hutch--, you're contributions will be forever remembered. No... no, please don't go... we don't want to miss you, we want to interact with you

Posted on 2003-09-08 21:09:19 by _Shawn
I wonder what it takes to put this thread to rest, MASM people have 2 forums to visit now and this is old news.

I wonder if we bribed Harold with a 6 pack of the BEST Belgian beer if he would consign this thread to "archival". :grin:

Posted on 2003-09-11 22:03:51 by hutch--

I wonder what it takes to put this thread to rest,

Simply lock it...
Posted on 2003-09-11 23:20:43 by scientica
What Hutch has another forum, why didn't anybody tell me :grin:
Posted on 2003-09-11 23:22:11 by donkey
You must be joking right, Donkey? You make up 1/3 of the post there and you still claim you do not know about it. :grin:
Posted on 2003-09-11 23:38:46 by roticv

You must be joking right, Donkey? You make up 1/3 of the post there and you still claim you do not know about it. :grin:

I'm actually a moderator in several forums so yeah, I was joking ;)
Posted on 2003-09-11 23:51:55 by donkey
:grin: You guys kill me, really :grin:
If this goes on, instead of locking the thread you should move it to the heap, next to the alien conspiracy theories and joke pictures... ;)
Posted on 2003-09-12 17:11:02 by QvasiModo
hutch is an alien?

Who's donkey?
Posted on 2003-09-15 20:29:27 by drhowarddrfine