Im not sure where this should be posted, in COM or Main.

After taking a quick look at Xtreme's webbrowser, I noticed that I couldn't TAB through the hyperlinks,
and that is something that I really miss.

Maybe the answer is somewhere in the source, right under my nose,
but I really don't have a clue. :(

I'm wondering, how could this be done?

Thanks in advance
Posted on 2003-05-03 13:28:56 by pub^
Xtremes container doesnt implement IOleControlSite, which is needed to allow the client to translate its accelerators.

Just checked it. Above is wrong. You have to call webbrowser objects IOleInPlaceActiveObject:TranslateAccelerator method directly from the message loop, thats all
Posted on 2003-05-03 14:32:56 by japheth