I would like to be with you !
that will be a cool project !

ok cool :grin: , just bear in mind that any serious coding for this project won't begin until at *least* a month from now, maybe even 2 months from now, im in college and a lil busy atm...i also need to brush up on my perl skills and learn the api better, but in the meantime we can always brainstorm, come up with ruff drafts (not code) abt what the program should do, expected behavior of the program and so on

i'll create a 'manuscript' soon and pm it to you, you can contact me on msn @ anotherway83@hotmail.com

or on aim @ anotherway83
Posted on 2003-05-05 21:06:45 by AnotherWay83
Hi, I've also lots of things to do.
I prefer to start noch as soon as possoble, rather wait a little time.
I'm just in a challenge at a coding contest.

well done...
Posted on 2003-05-06 00:51:30 by Bubu-Boy