In the serie "I share the good software I know", today ADC (Advanced Disk Catalog) :

I was looking for a good, efficient, and compact disk cataloger for my backup cds (the ones with my sources, documents, etc)...
I used to use "Where Is It?" but like all good products, it tends to get bloated, at least for my uses...
This software is good looking and can work without any installation on a fresh system (you still have to install it at least one time to copy the programs files though), which is a big plus for me... (can save the settings by exporting a registry reg file manually... ie. not a built in feature)

No, I am not paid by them, but I find the product interesting and I thought it could be useful to someone :
Posted on 2003-05-05 17:27:44 by JCP
The words "Disk" and "good software" reminded me of a piece of software that i use sometimes, but definately endorse as a very handy tool: Treesize Professional (you can get it thru

It is kind of similar to Explorer, but its main purpose is to show you the size of directories and their contents. And it can show the information as a pie chart, so you can easily and quickly see where all your disk space is being used, and go in and clean it up. (It is great for those that need to find that old pr0n collection that they forgot about :) )
Posted on 2003-05-05 18:28:19 by sluggy
Uhm, nice piece of software : I wanted to search a good software to do time ago...

It would nice that everybody post the freewares/shareware that he finds good...
There is sometimes good soft that don't get the deserved popularity because they are hidden by the most populars (which tends to get bloated with the time) products...
Posted on 2003-05-06 01:06:44 by JCP
Readiosys, I really like the ADC interface. Good and clean. Whereisit is an abomination, typical delphi/bcb crap, with the mentality of "I like gradient window captions. Some users might run on 95 where those aren't available. I'm gonna plugin a a TGradientCaption". *YUCK*.

However, whereisit is more efficient at searching through large catalogs than ADC - and since I have some pretty large catalogs, I'm sticking with whereisit :(. I think there were a few other issues as well, but it's been at least a year since I checked out ADC last.
Posted on 2003-05-06 02:25:36 by f0dder
The interface is very nice, indeed, the only missing thing imho is that one can't group the disks in a "category folder", like "Where is It?" does...

About the search quickness, I only registered around 20 cds in the catalog, not very much, but the search seemed to me blazing fast...
Personally, I think I will only register the backup cds, and my mp3 cds... so it won't probably take more than 50 cds right now...
How large (in CDs) are your catalogs btw ?

Btw : ADC has gradient title bars too, but it can fortunaly be disabled. :)

I tried around ten cataloging software yesterday (except "Where Is It ?") and most of them were lame, outdated, or even buggy (one crashed my Win2k system two times :eek: ).
Posted on 2003-05-06 03:21:06 by JCP
Ah yes, the grouping was another feature I really missed.
Amount of CDs... hm, "lots". 25+ backup/misc CDs. And since i have whereisit scan inside archive files, *LOTS*.
Full source backups (I have a large source tree - been coding for quite some years).
Various things downloaded from the internet (documentation, source code snippets, various shareware apps, toy operating systems - you name it!).

(one crashed my Win2k system two times :eek: ).

What!? A full system crash? STOP error?
:eek: :eek: :eek:
Posted on 2003-05-06 03:28:56 by f0dder
Ah yes, the grouping was another feature I really missed.

I don't know why they didn't do it, especially since one can actually assign a cd to a "category"... the only thing missing is to write the code to make it appear in the interface and it should not be anything very hard, I assume...

What!? A full system crash? STOP error?

Nothing was working anymore : no mouse, no keyboard, no sound (I was playing a mp3 : resulted in a infinite beeeeeeeeeep) : the only choice was to push the power button... but I must admit that I think the cd is corrupted... but still strange...)
Posted on 2003-05-06 03:33:49 by JCP
Hm, even on win2k a damaged can "lock" the system (I think they fixed this on XP) - however, it always resumes when you eject the CD.
Posted on 2003-05-06 03:45:30 by f0dder
True, this already happened and when I ejected the cd all went fine, but in this case, even ejection didn't help...
Posted on 2003-05-06 03:51:27 by JCP
I just keep a textfile with all my CDs

when I burn CDs I use spindles these day so I see which spindle it's on and thn I take the correct number :)
very handy for backups.
Posted on 2003-05-06 04:19:49 by Hiroshimator
text file wont cut it for my indexing needs :)
Posted on 2003-05-06 04:24:24 by f0dder