hope someone can help me solve this problem,
i'm trying to implement a 80 bit ftoa procedure, to get 18 digits
in sci format, as for example 1.23000000000000000e+2
here's my method:
(1) i = int( log10(float) )
(2) st0 = (10^(17-i))*float
(3) fbstp tword temp
(4) convert the bcd number in temp to proper string.

my problem is geting the proper power of ten
because quite often the result is something like 0.99000000000000000e+1
instead of 9.90000000000000000e+0
i'm using PureBasic and inline assembly, hope nobody
needs to see the code as it's horrible.

Posted on 2003-05-05 17:58:25 by jack
Have a look at the source code of the FpuFLtoA function of the Fpu library available for download on the MASM32 forum.

Just do a search for Fpu library updates on the MASM32 forum for the latest revision.

Posted on 2003-05-05 21:11:04 by Raymond