Hi KetilO,

I have a question about the command line built by RadASM in the project options.

Say I needed this

GoLink @GFL.txt Test.obj /entry start /files

The GoLink linker will not accept quotes but if I don't encapsulate the object file in commas the 3 doesn't get converted to file 3 (Test.obj) so my command line is output as follows:

GoLink @GFL.txt 3 /entry start /files

Is there a way to have it converted without using quotes ?

3,O,$B\GoLink @GFL.txt 3 /entry start /files

BTW it would be nice to have a TEST button on the Project Options menu that will show a sample of the output currently I redirect it to a proggie that just displays the command line. It would make debugging the link commands alot easier.
Posted on 2003-05-07 09:07:27 by donkey
Duh ! never mind, I found a way around it. just put the file last in the sequence works great:

0,O,$B\GoLink @$B\GFL.txt /entry MyEntry /files ,3,4

BTW I'm doing a full redo of the FASM section, including the FASM.INI file and the example (which doesn't assemble anyway). I'll post the new INI with more PE types (Win32,Win32 no res, debug on/off, and DLL) when I've tested it. It will use GoRC and GoLink and no libraries so it should work without alot of hassles.
Posted on 2003-05-07 13:56:24 by donkey
Hi Donkey

Great you found a solution.
BTW. To show the parsed command in output window before execution you can:

3,OT,$B\GoLink @$B\GFL.txt /entry MyEntry /files ,3,4

Posted on 2003-05-07 16:21:26 by KetilO
I just found out that you can use $1 to parse the filename without using quotes, I've added it to the next help file.
Posted on 2003-05-08 14:19:11 by donkey