Hi all,

I am trying to use the LVM_EDITLABEL on a ListView and I run into a little bit of trouble. Everything works fine, the user is able to edit the contents, *but* in my version of MASM package (version 8) the NMLVDISPINFOA STRUCT in windows.inc is commented out, and NMLVDISPINFO equ <NMLVDISPINFOA>. So I can't use NMLVDISPINFO in order to get the new string entered in the edit. Since I am not yet familiar with includes for MASM I thought it would be better to ask here if anyone knows a workaround for this or even better, has an windows.inc with the appropriate STRUCTs :)

Thanks in advance.
Posted on 2003-05-07 10:36:09 by Hawkuletz
In my C++ header files i have that struct as:

typedef struct tagLVDISPINFO {
NMHDR hdr;

and i do not see that struct included in any inc in masm v6 or masm v7. I am hung-over at the moment, so you will have to translate the above struct yourself (a trivial job) ;)
Posted on 2003-05-07 16:35:38 by sluggy
the windows inc has alot of issues and you seem to have stumbled upon one. the windows inc does have the LV_DISPINFO structure is in the windows inc but thats another whole story i dont really want to get into right now. you can fix you problem by changing the comented out part to the following:

hdr NMHDR <>
item LVITEM <>
Posted on 2003-05-07 16:50:03 by smurf
It seems to work now.. I tried to uncomment that, but it was reffering to another missing item (LVITEMA). After changing to LVITEM windows.inc assembled ok and now everything works. (after correcting yet another typo in my program :stupid: )

BTW, SQL_HANDLE_NULL was missing as well, but I assumed it to be 0 and it seems to work :)

Again, thanks for help.
Posted on 2003-05-08 04:16:27 by Hawkuletz