Because does not exist in Windows Common Controls a befitting control in form of grid to display and edit text,like Excel,i have start to build a control as DLL in assembly at all.This control does not use any other control.The code is mine at all.
I want to help the programmers of masm to build applications using spreadsheets.
GenericGrid is a control in form of grid.With this you can build applications as spreadsheets.You can put and edit text.Also you can put images.For now it does not has completed functionality,but i'll add more later.
Before use read the ReadMe.txt

Posted on 2003-05-08 07:17:38 by Anonymous
this is really amazing work manos
congratulations :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-08 12:04:24 by Hiroshimator
Wow! Impressive :)
Posted on 2003-05-08 12:28:25 by Delight
Thank you Hiroshimator,thank you Delight.

My next step is to complete the control.
I 'll add functions as 'GM_ADDROW','GM_REMOVEROW','GM_CLEAR'.
Also,i 'll add functions for copy and paste and functions for writing and reading files.
After complete the above,i 'll build an application,something Excel,and
i 'll put this in this forum with source code.

Posted on 2003-05-08 13:13:25 by Anonymous
Great work!!! :alright: :alright: :alright:

Posted on 2003-05-08 13:21:19 by JohnFound
Very nice custom control manos
Posted on 2003-05-08 13:33:33 by donkey
Thanks a lot manos, it will be very useful for us, and speally for me.
Is an excellent work.

Best Regards, joax
Posted on 2003-05-08 16:49:18 by joax
Very nice work indeed.. you make me want to finish my plot control ;)

I have some critical feedback though (not trying to diminish your work, i think its excellent! ~ which more people would venture into custom control writing ;) )

Perhaps add :

1) Page/up Page/Down functionality into it.
2) Change the columns to letters ( (1,3) is not as obvious as (A3) )
3) Provide wheel mouse support (for scrolling rows), i can get you souce for this if you like ~ i posted it on Thomas' snippets page (only a couple of lines of code).

Anyways, this is still greate work!
Posted on 2003-05-08 19:10:13 by NaN
Afternoon, manos.

Very nice.:alright:

Posted on 2003-05-08 19:10:38 by Scronty
Nice Manos ! Keep up the great work !

You might want to have a look at this : http://www.codeguru.com/controls/BABYGRID.html
It is a very nice grid custom control that allows the user to type things in it : written in C / Win32API (No MFC ! Yeah !)
Posted on 2003-05-09 01:36:48 by JCP
Thank you All.

Hi NaN.

1) ' Page/up Page/Down functionality ' exist already.

2)' Change the columns to letters ( (1,3) is not as obvious as (A3) ) '

In GenericGrid you can write anything.The numbered columns are only in
TestGrid example.

3)' Provide wheel mouse support (for scrolling rows), i can get you souce for this if you like ~ i posted it on Thomas' snippets page (only a couple of lines of code). '

I'll try this later.The source of scroll code does not is entirely independent from the
other code.I dont use global variables,but addresses and offsets.
Therefor,to understand someone the code,i must write too many comments.
GenericGrid Control has more than 3000 lines of assembly code.
If i 'll see any difficulty in wheel mouse,i 'll send you a part of code.
Thank you for interest.

Hi Readiosys.

I downloaded your BABYGRID Control.It is very nice.
I have a look on it.
In some points we have the same principiums.
You use global variables and a global structure _gridhandlestruct,with index
with max number 20.(MAX_GRIDS).
I had the same idea originally,but i left this idea later because of limitation.
I allocate memory from heap for each window of GenericGrid and i use adreesses and offsets instead of global variables.With this way,each window of GenericGrid is independent and the limitation is the user-system memory only.

Posted on 2003-05-09 09:31:10 by Anonymous
Well, it is not mine, I just found it on this page and found it rather readability written and efficient. :)
Posted on 2003-05-09 10:44:05 by JCP
Hi Readiosys.

Sorry for misunderstanding,but i know a little of English.
Posted on 2003-05-09 11:19:18 by Anonymous
Very nice manos!

One suggestion, perhaps to have it behave a bit more like other common controls it should use the user defined system colors by default?

Again very nice work. :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-09 17:39:42 by iblis
Hello iblis.

GenericGrid can use true colors.
TestGrid is a very simple application to see the programmers how GenericGrid works.
Just i complete this,i 'll build an application with complete functionality.

Posted on 2003-05-10 00:37:27 by Anonymous
I was referring to the system colors that the user can set. For example, in edit controls, the default background color is COLOR_WINDOW.

On your system, COLOR_WINDOW might be white.
On another system, COLOR_WINDOW might be black, blue, green, etc.
Posted on 2003-05-10 00:45:19 by iblis
Hi iblis.

I understand.
I 'll make this in the first modification.

Posted on 2003-05-10 00:51:25 by Anonymous
Sweet :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-10 01:40:41 by iblis
l33t job :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-11 01:50:06 by wizzra