I have been working with the Icztutes tutorials 28 - 30 (debugging). I have written a
process which can activate a debugee, and place it in the single step mode as was done
in the tutorial. I have modified it slightly to write out the EIP & EAX registers at the end of
each instruction. I do this with a MessageBox with an OKCANCEL flag. If I respond with an
OK the process causes the debugee to execute another instruction. If I respond with a
CANCEL the process causes the debugee to exit, then exits itself. AOK so far.
As with the example I do not create a window. I can accomplish the following:
1. Write out results & receive user input (OK/CANCEL) via the MessageBox
2. Write out results via a GetDC/TextOut/ReleaseDC
I have not been able to receive any input (keyboard or mouse) from the user, I have tried
building a window, but in that case I can activate the debugee, get into the single step
mode, but then I put the system into never never land (highly technical computer term), and
end up having to literally pull the plug to restart.
If anybody out there can be of assistance I would appreciate it.

BOBR (junbobr@cs.com)
Posted on 2003-05-08 13:34:44 by bobr_bak