As I am a newbie to Assembly programming and trying to work my way through HLA, I find the convergence of RadAsm and HLA to be wonderful. Being able to use an IDE with HLA make things so much easier to see and understand code wise.

Question though...

I have gotten RADAsm to compile a simple .hla file to exe status and run the program..but the output window just flashes for a microsecond. I have to go out of RadAsm and bring up the Dos window (console, command line...whatever you want to call it) and re start my program to see if the output is correct. Is there any way to have the Dos output window just stay until I choose to close it?

Thanks for your help.
Posted on 2003-05-09 14:11:35 by Damius
Hi Damius

The easy way is just to make an input like:


Posted on 2003-05-09 14:44:51 by KetilO