mov	edx, eax

shr edx, 4
and edx, 0F0F0F0Fh
imul edx, edx, 10h - 10
sub eax, edx

mov edx, eax
shr eax, 8
and eax, 0FF00FFh
imul eax, eax, 100h - 100
sub edx, eax

mov eax, edx
shr edx, 16
imul edx, edx, 10000h - 10000
sub eax, edx
Similar to:
	mov	ebx, eax

mov ecx, 8
xor eax, eax
@@: rol ebx, 4
mov edx, ebx
and edx, 0Fh
lea eax, [eax*4 + eax]
lea eax, [eax*2 + edx]
dec ecx
jne @B
Posted on 2003-05-09 17:46:57 by bitRAKE