Never thought I'd say this, but my project is actually getting closer to completion. I have a few more verbs to throw in, but here's what I have thus far:

My next question deals with random number generation in HLA.

I read through the chapter in the AoA packet but I'm a bit confused still. Is there a simplified explanation on how to set (and use) random numbers?

I'd prefer to use an int32 like z or x for the variable, and then set that to any number between 1 and 25. For my purposes, this is as wide enough a number range as I'll need.

The map is coming along nicely, although I still need to work in the caverns somewhere. The original Colossal Caves adventure by Pat Crowther and Don Woods was based off of a series of tunnels in Kentucky. I highly doubt an equivalent set exists in central Arizona (where I live).

Oh well, guess I'll have to start digging... :)


Paul Panks
Posted on 2003-05-09 23:04:45 by Paul Panks
rand.urange( startRange:int32; endRange:int32 ); returns( "eax" );

the call would be

rand.urange( 1, 25 );

Not too hard :-)
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-05-09 23:17:24 by rhyde