Okay, I think I've got what I needed done. Yes, there are a few errors here and there, but the demo is ready to roll. You can download it here:


I changed the plot so you'll have to defeat the dragon, but it's fun nonetheless. The basic command verbs are:

go,get,wield,unwield,wear,remove,buy,sell,list,inventory (or inv),look,use,kill and quit.

You can use abbreviations for directions, e.g. n for north, s for south, e for east, etc. In tight spots you may have to use lantern or use rope, but they can come in handy, too.

The dragon is hiding out in the caves, so if you chance upon him make sure to wield the battleaxe or the broadsword (both do nicely). The armor is more ceremonial at the moment, but it does prevent damage as well.

Other than that, have fun with it and explore around the countryside. If any obvious errors crop up, please let me know and I'll find the bug swatter. :)

You can also email suggestions and improvements to me at: dunric@yahoo.com
The numbering system is still a bit off, but I'll try to fix it soon (esp. in the village shop).


Paul Panks
Posted on 2003-05-11 00:37:28 by Paul Panks