Yeah, bad image 3. Damn. and the pages aren't up anymore. I'll try later tonight I guess.

d800648e0b8ea652c5d563e9939b88e8 *qtr40enud3.img
31f9ced4aca6e7833b18ccf86c3c8c9e *qtr40enud3.img

EDIT: redownloaded and got a good copy thanks f0dder
Posted on 2003-05-14 16:39:35 by donkey

file qtr40enud1.img (673660928 bytes) is 0x9391A368
file qtr40enud2.img (670140416 bytes) is 0x451FB3FB
file qtr40enud3.img (667371520 bytes) is 0x7046A9A1
Posted on 2003-05-15 00:18:37 by bitRAKE
I'm a little reticent about installing this update because of the HTMLHelp2 issue. For those who have installed it did it erase your old MSDN installation (I have VS6). Without the capacity to look up API's from RadASM with the new MSDN I have to keep the old one and the new one at the same time. I really don't want to install it then end up having to un-install and re-install the old package, as the older one is the more important from a programming perspective. Or alternatively is there any info on how to interface with Help2 in the package ?
Posted on 2003-05-15 00:32:21 by donkey
donkey, I dunno how it affects vs6 - I guess either it wont integrate, or it replaces the old.
However, I've had hh2 and hh1 existing side by side - hh2 in, hh1 from an older
platformsdk "lying around", available from my hhlookup program (and anything else using
old htmlhelp stuff).

Note that the hh1 was from the PlatformSDK - I wouldn't be surprised if having hh1
and hh2 living side by side would require one MSDN and one PSDK, since each of them tend
to "upgrade", removing the old content.
Posted on 2003-05-15 01:53:20 by f0dder
Forgot to give an update :

The new MSDN co-exists nicely with the old VS6 version. I was careful to set my install path to MSNDN_NEW and everything seems to work fine for those of you who were concerned about keeping the older version
Posted on 2003-05-15 15:54:51 by donkey
Now that I'm home, I'm starting to download Disk 1 via dialup ... 32 hours remaining! (barring disconnects).

Donkey: Does this version integrate with VC++ 6, or does it only coexist with MSDN 98?
Posted on 2003-05-16 15:58:07 by Masmer
It co-exists there is no integration possible as far as I can tell. Just be sure to install it in a folder other than MSDN if that is where you have installed the VS6 version.
Posted on 2003-05-16 18:31:06 by donkey
Does anyone know if the DDK is on it? Mucho thanks for anyone who bothers to check :)
Posted on 2003-05-17 09:34:38 by Qweerdy
Hi Qweerdy

It has the full DDK documentation. Can't tell you about the tools set but the docs are all there.
Posted on 2003-05-17 10:21:44 by donkey
w00t! Thanks :) I guess that means the rest is probably there too. The strange thing is that MS says that the DDK isn't up for download anywhere. Then they say it IS on every MSDN CD set. Guess they changed policies or something went wrong there. Well, fine with me :)
Posted on 2003-05-17 10:27:16 by Qweerdy
anybody has a link to this page? i cant seem to find it on the msdn site
Posted on 2003-05-18 00:26:05 by AnotherWay83
Link is at the top of the thread. (there are three - one for each file)
Posted on 2003-05-18 00:42:28 by donkey

Link is at the top of the thread. (there are three - one for each file)

they stopped working for me a long time ago :(
Posted on 2003-05-18 00:46:20 by AnotherWay83
The links are still valid, you just have to keep trying until they work, some took 4 or 5 tries before the 404 went away. I just tried them and they are all fine.
Posted on 2003-05-18 00:59:38 by donkey

The links are still valid, you just have to keep trying until they work, some took 4 or 5 tries before the 404 went away. I just tried them and they are all fine.

heheh try try till u succeed, u were rite, a couple tries did it, thanks :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-18 02:03:02 by AnotherWay83
I installed MSDN April 2003 on my VS6 and it does not integrate :-/

I assume it only integrates with VS.Net
Posted on 2003-05-19 12:20:22 by JCP
I wonder if that's what the VSHIK is for. I had downloaded it a while back but couldn't use it because though I have MSDN installed, I have never installed the rest of Visual Studio. It stands for Visual Studio Help Integration Kit, but I can't seem to find it anymore.
Posted on 2003-05-19 12:25:02 by donkey
Is it just me that #3 seems to be a bad image. I've downloaded it for the 8th time and it still gives me incorrect file size. The md5 checksum isn't the same the ones posted by f0dder. :(

I don't want to install "downloaders" but if that solves the problem, I'll just do it. :(
Posted on 2003-05-19 20:13:51 by arkane
i will try it with the power of 56k dial up connection :)
Posted on 2003-05-19 20:51:03 by rea
I was using Download Accelerator Plus on dialup. After exactly 24 hours (and 415.95 MB of 642.45 MB) it appears MS booted me off. I haven't been able to pick up where DAP left off since then despite numerous attempts. So I downloaded a file sharing program called eMule yesterday and am downloading all three CD images without fear of losing where I left off. (There are close to a hundred people sharing the 3 images.) I consider file sharing to be unethical, but as these images are "free" my conscience is clear. After about a week of constant downloading, I should have all three images (I miss my cable modem!).
Posted on 2003-05-19 21:08:10 by Masmer