how do i set these up and get everything to assemble to an exe right? i just started assembly and im pretty freaking clueless on how get it to compile. im more of a c++ kind of guy and id thought i would be ambitious for once in my life and try assembly but so far i havent been able to get anything to put the words into an exe for me. nothing i get can assemble it so i can use it. NASM, TASM, MASM, now ive come to this as a last shot to find something and i still cant get it. i set RadASM for the hla assembler and i installed hla to the default place (c:\hla\). i opened a .asm file and clicked build and it just gave me an error. this is going to be my last try at this if you could help me that would be great.
Posted on 2003-05-13 21:39:24 by IronBob
Actually I think the source files in HLA are *.hla, it is a preprocessor of sorts and outputs an ASM file as an intermediate that is then assembled by HLA using ML.EXE. If you want to assemble an ASM file yourself you would have to generate your own command line. I believe that there are example files in the projects folders for HLA that will assemble out of the box. Also when you dbl click on an asm file and load it RadASM will assume it's a MASM file. To set HLA as the default assembler open RadASM.ini and change the following (this is covered in my help file) :





Once you've done this restart RadASM and select open project, it will display the sample HLA projects :)

PS make sure you have MASM installed, I'm not sure if it comes with HLA. it consists of ML.EXE, RC.EXE LINK.EXE and a few other support files.
Posted on 2003-05-13 21:53:33 by donkey
ok i installed masm to c:\masm32\ and everything is working now. thanx.
Posted on 2003-05-13 22:13:40 by IronBob