Here is the new release of Visual ASM.

What's new:

1.API Constants PopUp List. (Type at least one character to see list if you are editing a parameter of an API Function that accepts API Constants). All constants are considered keywords and thus coloured.

2.User selects the API constants file on the fly.(MasMApiConst.vaa file is considered neither complete nor fully tested-will be updated frequently)

3.Local xxxx: activates Structures list only if we are in a procedure.

4.CTRL_SPACE popups Structures List.

1.Pressing Enter at the end of a 'Proc' line completes Procedure skeleton.

2.INC files are now enumerated for their procedures.

3.Upgrade edit control to V1.0.1.8. (Now ALL API Functions are case sensitive including those starting with a small letter).

4.Various improvements for tooltip and API Functions List.

Bug Fixes:
1.Some minor Tooltip position fix for long Functions.

2.Some minor bug fixes with Procedure combo.
Posted on 2003-05-14 15:30:44 by akyprian
Hi akyprian,

Thank you for this new realese. Very nice work indeed.
Posted on 2003-05-15 11:09:06 by ipadilla

Thank you very much for your good words; Do not ever hesitate to report any bugs you find, features you would like in future releases, or anything else you believe will make this IDE better.


Posted on 2003-05-15 12:48:09 by akyprian
Some minor improvements for V1.0.0.7

1.When Opening Project bring first ASM File on top.

2.Constants List vertical auto size.

3.API Structures and functions list size improvements.

4.Bug Fix: API Constants List was not hidden when Editor looses focus.


Posted on 2003-05-17 13:36:51 by akyprian
Cool :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-17 13:53:01 by comrade

Thanks for your good words. I need opinions by you and by any other who thinks he might be useful:

It concerns the API Constants; In MasmApiCall.vaa there are many API Functions with their parameter names. In MasmApiConst.vaa I wrote some parameter names with the applicable constants. For two reasons I need to alter a bit (in both 'vaa' files) those parameter names that have applicable constants. The first reason is that there are many functions that have parameters with the same name although they have no relation as to the constants they expect (for example 'nIndex' is used in many functions). The second reason is that if the parameter name has one special symbol e.g ? or * etc at its end this would 'notify' the user of Visual ASM (from the Function tooltip) that this parameter accepts standard constants.

Any ideas?


Posted on 2003-05-17 14:10:24 by akyprian
Really good! Have some functions that RadASM dosen't work well.But it dosen't support Chinese very well, but I like it.
Posted on 2003-05-18 05:22:12 by pdx1989

Since I have no means to test chinese, could you please tell me the problems you face with chinese? I have the will to fully support chinese.


Posted on 2003-05-18 06:34:25 by akyprian
Unfortunately it crashes: (Win95 OSR2, Celeron 400, 64MBytes memory)
Posted on 2003-05-19 07:50:56 by JohnFound

Thanks very much for your feedback. Can you tell me how to reproduce the error? What you did exactly to get tihs error?


Posted on 2003-05-19 07:56:55 by akyprian
So, it's simple :) Open the project, go to the given line of source (see the picture in the previous post) and press some key. I am pressing <back space> in given case, but it's happen on every key pressed and every position, where visualasm tryes to show tooltip window and popup list. (Note: maybe it's problem only for Win95, so if you have not this version of windows you maybe can't repeat the fault.)
Posted on 2003-05-19 08:05:43 by JohnFound
I have Win95 available and cannot reproduce the problem.

From the picture you attached it is clear that your API Functions file, keywords file etc are not found (You do not have any text highlighted).

Go tools-options and set all files as appropriate.


Posted on 2003-05-19 08:15:30 by akyprian
So, it works now, when I set the files. But there is some sugestions:

1. This is not good to generate GPF as "file not found" message.
2. In the options window, some "browse" buttons dosn't works at all.
3. In the options window, the maximal length of filename is too small, so I can't enter the filename and I was forced to move visualasm folder to the root directory of my disk.
4. How to use auto-compete function without using mouse - you know, for me is faster to write full name of the function than move my arm to the mouse and double-clicking in the popup window?

Anyway, it's interesting editor and I think it will be good tool after some time.

Posted on 2003-05-19 08:29:43 by JohnFound

1.Agree 100% but it is the first time I see this problem and most probably is win95 specific; I'll fix this in a new release.

2.First time I see this problem; same as above

3.same as above.

4.Use down arrow key and pop up will get the focus. Then You can press enter or space (or mouse) for autocomplete.


Posted on 2003-05-19 08:43:51 by akyprian

None of the three errors is win95 specific; I have fixed all three of them in the new release I will upload soon.


Posted on 2003-05-21 02:23:41 by akyprian