"HLA Adventure" (as I call it) has been updated to version 1.53.
Here are the websites where you may obtain the game (w/ source):




Written in Randall Hyde's HLA (High Level Assembly) language, this
adventure game utilizes my previous "Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder"
gaming engine for room descriptions, inventory items,
battle sequences, and items/monsters.

My ultimate intention was for others to eventually contribute to
this project. That being said, as of today (May 14, 2003) I am
releasing "HLA Adventure" (as I call it) into the Public Domain
under the terms of the General Public License (GPL):


Version 1.53 (and all subsequent versions) may be distributed for
free -- or for a nominal fee on CD-ROM -- so long as the source code
is included with the zip archive or packaged contents.

As the game is expanded, quests will be added, additional rooms
designed and implemented, as well as further items, armor and equipment
as seen fit by the person(s) contributing to the project. The
current distribution (version 1.53) includes over 90 rooms, 18 items, 1 main
quest, and 13 monsters.

Future versions (planned) will include:

1. Additional Quests - either similar or dissimilar to those in "Westfront PC"
and other games.
2. More monsters - probably around 25 or so added soon
3. More equipment - this depends on if the need is there
4. More rooms - certainly this will be addressed

Currently, "HLA Adventure" works on Windows 95,98,Me,NT/2000, and XP. Using
the console libraries introduced by Mark de Wever at:


Linux users will thus be able to use "HLA Adventure" on their system (after
compiling the source files with Randy Hyde's HLA program). It should be
noted that a compiled version for Linux has not been uploaded as of today, but
that a fully compiled version will soon become available.

Information on Randy Hyde's HLA can be found at:


Enjoy, and send bug fixes, contributions, and comments to: dunric@yahoo.com

Mark de Wever, Frank Kotler and others have also contributed ideas, code, code
modifications, and additional core program content to "HLA Adventure".

There is also a new Yahoo group for the HLA Adventure here:



Paul Panks
ICQ# 12234336
Posted on 2003-05-14 19:51:39 by Paul Panks
wow, gotta try this one out, being an old infocom, level9 adventure buff, this will be sweet nostalgia for me, big KUDOS to you Paul!

interactive fiction, the most underrated source of entertainment, just imagine if it had been around in Shakespeare's days :D
Posted on 2003-05-27 18:49:32 by BinarySoup