i have the code working for insert/delete/home/end

Invoke RegisterHotKey, hWnd, 0, NULL, VK_INSERT
Invoke RegisterHotKey, hWnd, 1, NULL, VK_DELETE
Invoke RegisterHotKey, hWnd, 2, NULL, VK_HOME
Invoke RegisterHotKey, hWnd, 3, NULL, VK_END

what's the code for page up and page down (i tried several combinations and abbreviations of page up and page down and it didn't work)

thanks for any help
Posted on 2003-05-16 10:41:11 by sabertooth
Have you tried VK_PRIOR and VK_NEXT...?
Posted on 2003-05-16 10:43:15 by MurkyT
It worked thanks.
From where did you learned it? (do you have a list of hotkeys refs?)
Posted on 2003-05-16 10:46:47 by sabertooth
Posted on 2003-05-16 10:50:26 by MurkyT
thanks for the help
Posted on 2003-05-17 13:16:13 by sabertooth