i'm writing a driver for windows xp (for parallel)

can any one give me info about it . . anything(parallel,driver in xp , driver in masm/asm and etc...) ?



Posted on 2003-05-16 13:02:13 by eko
Two places to look for the information that you are asking for are:

1) The Online DDK

2) Online MSDN Library

Also do a search on this board for what you are looking for.

Should you have any questions about what you read or need help with your code then please post and lets us know.

Good Luck.

Posted on 2003-05-16 16:41:39 by madprgmr
thanks for the info . .

i searched the board and found KmdKit
any one knows if I can use it in XP as well ?



Posted on 2003-05-17 06:02:03 by eko
any one knows if I can use it in XP as well ?
Yes, you can. Except w2kundoc.inc. It's w2k specific.
Unfortunately i don't have time now to finish translating two last articles.
You can download three first articles and small update here http://www.freewebs.com/four-f/
At the beginning of the summer i plan update KmdKit may be with XP support.

Mail me ( four-f@mail.ru ) - i provide you with some additional info.
Posted on 2003-05-17 09:10:21 by Four-F
If my memory serves me correctly you should have no problem using it in WIn2K and WinXp. You should also get yourself a copy of the WIn2K or WinXP DDK if you do not have one already.
Posted on 2003-05-17 09:10:34 by madprgmr