Hello KetilO,
Does the create Dll project work? A resource Dll including a single bitmap was produced without the bitmap. The error was number 1812, which
is resource section not found in image (during a LoadImage call). The dll file was also too small (16K) to hold a 75K size bitmap. I checked the
rc file out by building the dll with visual C (using C code for the DllMain function) and it worked. So it looks like the Dll file was not built correctly.

More suggestions: In order to locate all strings in a source file that you are editing, where you see an instance of the string on the page
that you are viewing, It appears that you need to do four steps (1) Ctl-C to copy the string (2) Ctl-F to invoke the find dialog, (3) Ctl-V to
paste the string into the find dialog, and finally (4) Click the find button or hit <enter>. Could you make a shortcut for this or am I missing
something here? In Visual C++, I usually hit <ctl-F3>, and the cursor then appears on the next instance of that search string.

There appears to be a bug with your show api tooltip, that I just noticed. When the list of possible functions appear while you are typing
your function, and you don't use the arrow keys to change the selection in you list of functions, the list disappears and the cursor is moved
to the next line. However, if you do use the arrow because the function you want Radasm to complete for you is not the currentlly selected item,
then Radasm works as expected: the function name is completed and the cursor does not move to the next line. This is most annoying.
But I love the color coding you did in the parameter code completion.

Keep up the great work,
Posted on 2003-05-16 13:09:53 by SRFINK

1. Change the projects link option and add ,4 at the end.
This will link the resources into the exe.
2. Just make a selection and press Ctrl+F. If you want to search for a word then place the caret on the word and press Shift+F2. Next instance F3, previous Ctrl+F3
3. Use Tab, not enter.

Posted on 2003-05-16 15:13:16 by KetilO
Hi KetilO,
Thank you for your swift reply. Everything works now, but I'm a little confused about the searches. If I select a word, then
pressing <F3> brings the mouse cursor to the next occurrence of that word. But shift <F3> doesn't seem to bring me back to the previous
occurrence. Is this a bug? But bypassing the find dialog in this case is great.
Posted on 2003-05-16 15:39:21 by SRFINK